Ahsan Khan as Omar. Meanwhile, Maya does everything wrong to protect and save Ronnie in this case. He tells his boss that his SUV is in the garage, but actually she dumps it in a lake so that no one can trace it ever. She looks really confused throughout the film. The seasoned actor Mohan Kapoor delivers a convincing performance. In quick shots they show us how he murdered Nancy, killed Moses, threatened and tortured Maya to write her suicide note and eventually killed her. A little further down the road however, it turned into the usual doosri biwi territorial warfare , effectively transforming into one of the many serials to dis grace our TV screens.

Here he falls in love with Sunaina. Zid Facebook page There was nothing appealing about Saman. Soon, the two warm up to each other again. Still, of all the male characters, his was the strongest. She tells him to make love to her and he obliges. A story of Gullu, a Hyderabadi girl frustrated with dowry-seeking men and Taru a charming Lucknawi cook , who crush old-fashioned world-view.

This drama is revolving around the word “Zid” and what I concluded is that ultimate result if you do zid do not turn around to be too good. The director seemed to be storuline who would say ‘CUT’ to any pathetic performance, his sense of continuity, his skills at detailing and overall the understanding that is required to direct a sensible thriller is clearly lacking. They get involved in a hit-and-run case which complicates this fanatical love story.

In previous October-December quarter there were movje many good dramas that went. All this is while Priya is dangling in mid-air on a suspended chair. What happened to our Writers? Zidd — Episode 06! Ohkay so, to be honest, this episode was a lot better than the previous few.

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Zid Back to homepage. Zahra Mirza February 3, It is a pity that the writer chose death over strained tensions and maybe even, acceptance. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.


Performances Imran Peerzada put in an able performance, even if he was at times wooden. Hindi Watched or Downloaded. Nancy is the younger sister of Priya. Interesting concept and as unbelievable a goof-up the ruins the film. You can change your city from here.

Zid Movie Review

The Ranveer Singh starrer musical drama sees a mpvie second-weekend collection. Amin could never storline why Shano and Khalil could not get married and after his last interaction with Khalil he was even more convinced than ever that there was. Ronnie turns hysterical and is desperate to save the girl. He finds it missing, but does nothing to figure out moie and why? Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. ZID starts off with a flashback which has the film’s protagonist Rohan Karanvir Sharmawho is a crime reporter by profession, narrating an incident to his newspaper’s editor Mohan Kapoor and the area’s DSP Deputy Superintendent of Police.

I loved this movie till the end Ronnie manages to pull Priya on top of the lighthouse and saves her. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Interesting review, one more comment to add, the writer should have added some mivie with the families which sent them out in the first place. Love watching his dramas. The script had potential to change the way suspense thrillers are made around here, zud the director and the lousy set of actors had the audacity to leave it as just another such B-Grade movie that is more about the skin show than story.

However, Priya becomes suspicious of Maya, lands up at the outhouse and starts accusing Maya for everything — including Nancy’s murder. The purpose of this drama.

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Saman Maya Ali constantly fretted about how Michel would batter Z to death, but it was he who died. She feels cheated and betrayed. Select a City Close. The worst thing about Zid was its climax that was downright silly. The film has more than songs and a quite deliberate and at your face kind of skin show, probably added later to make it commercially viable catering a particular section of viewers in the smaller centers.


Zud girlfriend Priya has stopped responding to him.

Ronnie Karanvir storylune crime reporter based in Goa is coping with memories of his ex-girlfriend. So Rukhi goes missing the night. Pakistani Dramas are as high quality as Hollywood, even Hollywood does not make such Dramas, probably the only thing for now that makes us proud. Maya pulls movje gun on him but Ronnie snatches the gun from her hand, which he could have done earlier too, and throws her off the lighthouse, leaving her dangling from the rod along with Priya.

Maya reappears and reveals her role in the murders. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

The Vicky Kaushal starrer military drama collects a record Rs 3. Also missing was any sort of directorial vision and visual imagery.

Pakistan armed forces fully prepared for ‘befitting response’ to Indian aggression: Zidd is replacing Shanakht on Hum Tv. ZID is another zod those ill-fated projects which though had a fairly interesting plot of becoming an engaging thriller but turns out to be so amateurishly presented and enacted film that one really feels annoyed thinking about the fact that it was supposedly the launch vehicle of another good looking girl from the Chopra family with an inspired foreign angle too.

She even takes off her tee to dive into the lake to show him where the car rests in peace. Karanvir zkd looked handsome nor acted well.

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