Congrats to all the contest champions! Off topic VI Forum games I Author. Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Thank you have a WoozWorld day Have an icy cool weekend everyone! If you notice, There is a Block button, next to report button. Choose a bright color for the dress and contrast it with light or dark lace sleeves for a delicate look. We follow those simple steps and the World is ours.

Do you want to win! Are you the next up and coming director?! I have been really busy in my writing comp im doin! There were no mirrors; they are a weakness to us vampires. Host a free time in the Unitz to get it alot of votes 2. Almost every single woozen there had a Deadmau5 shirt head or ears!

Then, I went out hunting.

So be an example of Good Sportsmanship! Monday, 5 August Lastly you can always do quests. Congrats to all the contest champions! Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends.

If you are not a VIP you only get beex. See you soon, Your Woozband. And typically new quests are posted on woozworod blog as well. If it is bargain you are more likely to get a spellz or bargain item, if it is choice you can get bargain or choice items, and if it is premium you will get wlozworld or luxury items and rarely spellz!

Return to your unitz and design it.


Contest Winners Three major Halloween-themed contests ended last week. By selling ChoicePremiumLuxury Horrlr With the new Ceremony Collection with trendy gowns, dresses, all laces, modern-ista, dramatic-a, suits and moustaches…. Posted by Mia Merrigold at Five tips to help you with your fashionz!!!!! You can win beex and sometimes a mystery gift.

I stretched, showing off my fangs. I encourage you to take some time to look back and thank the ones that have been with you through the good, the bad, and the funny; and come movis realize the real reason that we are all still logged in. Ignore them- Some bullies want to get a response from bullying you.

Rolling to your own style is sweet too! The prize is a mina, and its super fun! Black and white are still on! Now the question is what kind of world do we want? What should I do?! Saturday, screwm June Back again While they were at the store, I decided to tidy up the house.

Quests are fun ,ovie do and challenge your brain. I myself was waiting it the Deadmau5 concert lounge waiting for the clock time to run out. I hit my screeching bat alarm clock.

This can be worn up or down and it especially looks nice in buns and plaits and fishtail braids. D How to get Free Wooz! A lovely short hairdo will show off your elegant earrings to complete this perfect red carpet look! Dont Belive In Chain Mails. Her unitz was really cool so she deserved it.


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I hope you enjoyed and I hope my tips helped! Make sure to keep those articles coming!! I will tell u how! Look to the right! Send me a message. Sell People awesome deals 6.

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Are you the next up and coming director?! Sunday, 22 November Nowwww!!!! If Jay ever gets married, he has a lot of places to choose from since there were so many lovely designs. First, everyone knows the obvious one…. NEVER share that kind of info! Wwoozworld just chill and have fun and enjoy! Good luck to everyone who entered a Photo Reel and have a wonderful evening!!

This week I will be awarding all the writers below with a special trophy and Yeti!

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I head around to the back of the school building before turning into a bat and flying away. Cheer on people compliment them, example: Dear all fashionistas out there.

Kat here, giving you my latest style tips! I hope i helped.

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