What we have most in common is we are both family-oriented. Because he encounters an accident, he has to be in a wheelchair, but cannot reveal the details I really love Che Che and Onion moments. Him Him frankly expressed he does not mind at all because if this could the series more attention, then its a benefit. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Even if we’re colleagues, still need to be tolerant. That’s even better, no pressure on me.

No matter what, I’m voting for him. However, in the end, Tavia and I have a happy ending. Lokman, who went through an enormous change because of a negative family experience and turned cold-hearted. Kenneth usually gets skin care treatments and massages to maintain the quality of his skin I want a happy ending! I’m afraid it won’t! Only up to 5th ep, but I’ll be up to date soon! She will be scolding new houseman Crystal Li a lot.

Can meet the parents? Its the same every year, hippocratkc try my best. Posted November 19, InBen was the Mr. I’m getting teary too.

Honestly, even if we don’t play a couple or married couple, its fine too. In the sequel, Yat Kin Tau’s mother gets older and becomes ill too, Yat Kin Tau had too much pressure and started getting depressed, but actually he’s not considered mentally ill. I drush go crazy, I really would! But my bed scenes with her were all just talking on the bed, so disappointed! Also, this time in On Call 2, our sweet scenes aren’t those passionate types, its more about mutual support.

I want a happy ending!

ND Daily Translated by: If we couldn’t move you, then why would you tear up? We have been in so many series together, we get along quite comfortably.


Secondly, why would you hippocratoc 3 doctors to visit a patient? By ChoonHee21 Started Hippovratic 12, I worked there for 3 xrush, and finally realized what I liked wng was acting because this industry brought me a sense of satisfaction. I’m afraid I might oversleep and then be late to the set But On Call 2 is an anniversary series, the broadcast period is close to the award ceremony, the audience will remember it.


You cried, then that means you were touched. Kenneth misunderstood that he’s a cold-hearted person. Its a city disease, such as if you walk out the door, you think about whether you turned off the lights or the stove, this is already considered anxiety.

I voted for Tavia too. Kenneth usually gets skin care treatments and massages to maintain the quality of his skin Later, Kenneth gets into a severe car accident, where he had to get surgery on both his head and heart, Tavia and Lawrence join hands and help him get that surgery done Its rare to see the two appear in a series together.

Some people like Benjamin Yuen Ben had actually been in the industry for 15 years, but only gradually gained recognition after entering TVB for 5 years. I now have more experience in life, I learned to be more calm noline more importantly I know not to take opportunities for granted.

If it was a few years back, I would still be really scared, but now I’m feeling very pleased because I can work with so many seniors that rarely appear on TV series.

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To Him, its a good practice: On the other hand, On call II is actually quite interesting because of the addition of new faces. Sounds like a girlfriend!

Hong Kong from his same year, Ben is considered the more successful ones. Him Him expressed he sees it as a driving force in his work. To promote for the series, Tavia came out on stage holding Kenneth’s hand and called him her husband; The cast tested their physical health by doing sit-ups, push-ups, jump roping and the hula hoop; Rumored couple Tavia and Him appeared embarrassed.

Today, Ben will cherish everything he has and actively work on packaging himself. Lawrence really had the patience to teach her.

However, in the end, Tavia and I have a happy ending. We spend so many hours in a day filming, sometimes when you’re exhausted, you really can’t hide your temper, but I have never seen Tavia with a bad temper.


The Hippocratic Crush II – Episode 01 (English subtitles)

Him Him expressed he’s satisfied with how his role Onion developed. Then there is Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu Today I have more confidence to speak up and strive, just as long as its for the best and its the right thing, I don’t mind to speak up. Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: In the On Call 2 trailer, it was seen the majority of the main leads and their families are sick or have some incurable disease.

Hong Kong and start again from zero. I’m happy just having the opportunity to compete with the seniors. Kenneth was very popular among the students, and some praised him for being handsome, but the shy Kenneth laughingly said, “They must be nearsighted”.

Just like in On Call 2, the ‘Posts’ doctors jokes all came from real life. Ultimately he goes for treatment for his daughter and Tracy Chu. If they collaborate again, what type of role do they want to portray? This series is not a comedy, I am not here to be funny. He couldn’t accept the fact and went missing for many years. Don’t use that type of wording. Here, everyone wants to constantly improve, but the su important is to package yourself, wait for the opportunity and really hold onto it.

Lawrence grew up with Jerry, but his parents died in a fire accident and then his wife died from a heart attack. I’ve always liked to have an experienced artist lead a newcomer. Actually this series has more concentration of human emotions and sensibility.

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