I think, Mir could have just wait to end this fight properly without having to break his arm or dislocating a shoulder!! Frank Mir never fought lil nog hes a light heavyweight. Everyone knew this was going to go to the ground. Carl Froch vs Groves. The rest is history. The referee should have known Minotauro was willing to lose his career before submitting, referee should have stopped the fight. I read about it, but I wanted to see it on video.

Props to Mir for the submission victory. Thats the choice he made. Admit it, Mir is the better man of the two. Mir had to break that to the point where he was threatening on tearing a tendon until Minotauro tapped. That makes 3 arms Mir has broken….. While I am a big nog fan, you have to give credit when it is due. On another note, you fools should not believe for one second that this man will every be able to be in contengency for the title. Gutted for Nog — he should have finished him efficiently.

Everyone knew this was going to go to the ground. Mir was rocked bad. He is a one diminsional fighter that will never be able to adapt and become the caliber fighter that is required to hold a title in this new era of MMA. He actually went for a submission which turned against him having Mir win the fight.

Eat your words buddy…Frank Mir is now trank for the title!!!

2011 MMA fight – Frank Mir vs “Minotauro” Nogueira – full fight Video UFC 140

It was locked in there until Nog tapped, and Nog finally did, but at a huge cost of probably never ever regaining the strength and stability of his right arm. Alex Saucedo vs Zappavigna. And lets hope for a speedy recovery for Big Nog.


I think this goes sometimes to far and in this case it is!! Thats it and that all. Big Nog knew that he was loosing this fight as soon as Mir caught his arm solid. The rest is history. Anybody remember when he fought Tim?

That makes 3 arms Mir has broken…. This was a great fight for both fighters.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Shows videos clips fights highlights shows

Paul Felder vs James Vick. This is for the morons who have sympathy for Nog, and distain for Mir for a broken arm…Nog is what? Word to the wise sir, if you cant handle it maybe you should stick to the cartoon network and leave the tough stuff to the people who like quality entertainment…. Jon Jones vs Shogun Rua. Men like Cain and JDS would destroy him quickly and effortlessly.

Who are you to say his style of fighting will never make it? Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega. He might not have the best boxing.

Yes, Mir must be the luckiest guy to finish big nog twice. Nogueira could of tapped out, but he waited until it actually broke to tap. Unbelievable comeback by Mir! Mir had to break that to the point where he was threatening on tearing a tendon until Minotauro tapped. Chad Mendes vs Volkanovski.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman. I know that referees sometimes appropriately stop that fight even if the fighter does not submitt. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Brendan Schaub.

He did what he had to do. Saul Alvarez vs Kirkland. Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida. Calvillo vs Cortney Casey. It was his error in not knocking him out that led him to his loss.


Good luck being gate keeper forever you excuse from a human being. It took Mir about 3 seconds before it came till breaking point. Thats the choice he made. Is it just me or was Mir out cold? I read about it, but I wanted to see it on video.

Mir is a wiley old wolf. It was not his fault NOG could not understand that. The same I was thinking watxh watching this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address notueira not be published. Drysdale was right Mir is better than nog on the ground and that shuts up every single fukin critic that tries to hold Mir down, every single fuckin fight people try to take something away from him, the first nog fight,lesnar first fight,cro cop fight WTF? Kron Gracie vs Caceres. Horrible mistake, it cost him this fight.

UFC® FIGHT PASS™ -Frank Mir vs. Minotauro Nogueira UFC

Mjnotauro you have to admit he has one of the best ground games in the UFC i go as far to say as the best heavy-weight in the ufc that uses jiu jitsu right now.

Mir is a beast………. Carl Froch vs Groves. If NOG was soo much better, why in the hell is his arm broke in two.

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