I would call it more of a midnight blue than a navy. I’ll never send you spam nor share this information with third-parties. Next, I alternated these two rounds: The only flaw I can see to it is that you have to cast-on an even number of stitches because the Tillybuddy Cast-On works in pairs. Otherwise, I made it as written for the toddler size. That is, they were a great project to learn on, they fit well, they look pretty sweet.

The resulting rib is airy, squishy, and extremely stretchy. You cast on an even number of stitches with this method. Photo credit to Callandra S. I’ve watched both and the information is the same. I chose to do k2p2 rib and use an I cord drawstring. Here is a link by Very Pink Knits that shows how to do it, slowly, clearly and in great detail. Definitely time to cast on something new!

There seem to be enough of them out there to shretchy an interesting post. Best part is, is that the German Twisted Cast On is very similar to the long tail cast on that everyone knows. One thing I specifically like about this pattern is the toe decrease.

Tillybuddy’s Very Stretchy Cast On | alexand knits

It makes the cuff extra stretchy. I just use a needle a couple sizes bigger to cast on.

And it has less stretch than the Double Start Cast On provides. This method basically consists of a lot of slip knots. Could someone just cast on to a larger needle and then transfer to a smaller one before starting the work?


If not, do you want to start? I poked through my sock yarn and decided to use these two skeins of Regiaalso from my freecycle score:. I have heavier calves so it is imperative that I have lots of stretch in my cast on. I like how the cuffs and heels and toes all ended up a little different.

So, the only cost for this project was the time I put in! I do this with all of my cast on projects.

This is the cast-on that I used. Yesterday, I finished up a quick pair of socks for my daughter.

7 Beautiful & Stretchy Cast Ons You Need to Know

Of course, I used my favorite cast on for ribbing: I would definitely use it again. I had the pleasure of completing a test knit for the Thistle Blossom Beanie from B.

For my next pair, I think 68 might work better.

This is a knitted -on type cast-on using 2 needles to form stitches on the left needle and is demonstrated in the ‘English style’ of sttetchy. MarilynKnits a regular here. Not only would I make this pattern again in a heartbeat, I have yarn picked out for the next pair.

tillybuddy cast on

I finished my In Search of Vanilla socks! Passport Mitts by Carol E. I learnt to embroider at the age of 3 and developed a love for thread, fabric and yarn ever since.


I really appreciate every word and it all helps. So, putting some effort into something special, for me, might be a good symbolic gesture. The second piece I made was a matching diaper cover.

TillyBuddy Cast-On

I will wear the finished pair a bit before deciding as I want to see if they stretch out after a while. The client wanted the blade part to come up and over the crown more than in the pattern, so I modified it. I tried it out on a different swatch first there is a picture in my post on basic cast ons with garter stitch at the bottom.

I managed to wait until Thursday this time! Don’t wrap quite so tight when you wrap around the two needles, you don’t want to strangle them.

Swing it around the yarngoing under the yarn in a away-from-you motion. Even though you had swatched and everything seemed to match the needed gauge. After a few hours of wear, the cuffs start to scrunch down, but I expect that would be om of most any socks.

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