After discovering that Soubi and his brother shared the same name and fought together, Ritsuka decides to trust Soubi and the two of them will cooperate to discover what happened to Seimei. Shion lives in the city of No. The boys remain quite brutish as they are yakuza and speak with a refreshing Kansai accent! Ren is introverted and barely speaks; Haru fights with himself since Ren is still a teenager. Are you suggesting I occasionally stray from the rule book? Chiharu, a man with a difficult past and a lot of duties as the captain of the Wizard Bureau’s Crisis Countermeasure Division, is at a loss. Whether you like shounen-ai, or you prefer something different, this story shows a slice of life through where everyone of us passed.

Comedy, Slice of Life The main character Suzukaze Aoba graduates from high school and joins a game company. Toyohi Utsumi is a wanderer who happened to meet Chiharu by chance, one night. Action, Drama, Magic Latest: He will end up falling for the right guy if you are rooting for the right team. Hybrid Child is a shounen-ai show where three tragic stories intersect, giving birth to a roller coaster of feels that pull the viewers’ heartstrings. Kirishima enjoys making fun of Yokozawa, who gets flustered and embarrassed.

The reason is that this show went almost unnoticed, and yet it is a rare gem in the shounen-ai universe. So, if you wish to meet hotties, with prince-like manners, stqrmyu are amazing lovers and able to deal with their counterpart’s tantrums, shounen-ai anime are definitely your cup of tea! Shounen-ai anime are full of cute characters, mild boy-on-boy action, lighthearted atmospheres, and very good vibes.

As a super-fan of Victor, Yuuri accepts right away There, he discovers to have a new family with two little twin brothers to take care of. Haru is still a considered man who doesn’t harass children.

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Comedy, Drama, Seinen Latest: If shounen-ai is your piece of cake, but you still haven’t watched this one, it’s time for you to catch up! Action, Comedy, Shounen Latest: A shounen-ai show can touch a big range of themes, and elicit a lot of different emotions, but the thing that all shounen-ai shows have in common is how they are full of love, and tender moments! P3 Technical Nexus Category: On this background their relationship will gradually develop, as the two try to find a way to fight the system!


With these premises, it’s pointless to mention how much of a good comedy this anime is. He has only one dream: Comedy, Slice of Life The main character Suzukaze Aoba graduates from high school and joins a game company. That is Nezumi’s world.

Marking the midpoint of our top 10 list is Uraboku, short for its long title. Log in Sign up. Classmates was born as a manga first, from Asumiko Nakamura’s wise pen.

It’s up to Toyohi to show him that he likes Chiharu as a man, and not because he stramyu a wizard. Years after, Nezumi returns the favor: Initially, propelled by a thirst for revenge, Shuichi completes his song but ends up diving deeper into a relationship with Yuki. Set in a kizsanime background, this arc is about the android creator, Kuroda, and his regretful love with Tsukishima, a fallen swordsman.

Nevertheless, audiences still get to enjoy boy-on-boy heated make-out sessions that are dribbled through out the anime. This shounen-ai anime explores the meaning of love, while facing other deeper themes.

It’s simply pure and simple as it seems: Gakuen Heaven makes the 9th spot on our list because there are lots of bishounen in school uniforms. Starmyu high school star musical team otori yuta hoshitani nayuki tooru kaito tsukigami kakeru tengenji kuga shuu hanae natsuki ono kensho arthur lounsbery hosoya yoshimasa maeno tomoaki team hiragi rui tatsumi sawatari eigo ugawa akira toraishi izumi inumine seishirou okamoto nobuhiko uchida yuuma matsuoka yoshitsugu KENN okitsu kazuyuki team haruto otori itsuki Tsubasa Hiragi Sazanami Sakuya Kyouji Akatsuki Lion Christian Yuzuriha.

High school setting, student council involvement, uniformed boys, this anime is simply waiting for you to gobble it up.

Top 10 Shounen-Ai Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]

Episode 1 ViVid Strike! In the end, Haru and Ren’s sweet love will bloom in a natural way. Maybe just one OVA wasn’t enough for viewers to fully enjoy Cherry and Johnny’s journey, but we have to say that this anime has some potential.


It takes a little time, and the video goes viral, reaching Victor’s eyes, as well. Shounen-ai anime recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to a very enthusiastic fandom, and a big range of cute characters. We hope you enjoyed the ride just as much as we did while writing this article! Last but not least, meet Chikage Kobayakawa who acts a bit like Tachibana’s bodyguard, but kidsanime the most awkward whatever he kisxanime.

The age gap that made them like actual brothers in the beginning, turns into something deeper.

Filter by post type All posts. This anime wtarmyu a lot of things, in a little time — as it’s just one OVA — and yet it manages to mix perfectly funny moments, srarmyu emotional ones. Whether you have just started with shounen-ai genre, or you’re a veteran, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Game Latest: This shounen-ai anime is so funny and cute it hurts. With the wonderful Yuri!!!

Starmyu 2nd Season Episode 1 English

P3 Administrative Nexus Category: This rare gem really deserves a mention; it screams very loudly how love knows no boundaries, and nothing can divide two souls bound to be together — not even death. I’ve a huge Kansai heart and a bishie fan. Ono and Tachibana’s kissanimw is the funniest thing you’ll see. In order to fight the evil spirits together, You becomes Ki’s spirit shadow. He will end up falling for the right guy if you are rooting for the right team.

Let’s end this ranking with a golden couple coming directly from a sports anime! When he turned 17, his mother called him back in Canada, saying she needed his help.

Episode World Trigger Genres: Fourteen years after confessing his love to Tachibana, Ono is now an amazing pastry chef, and a gay playboy. Genesis – Short Story Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy Naruto the Movie 2:

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