I have two fathers. Iljimae – – A smash hit in , Iljimae is the legendary story of a hero who fought for the poor and robbed the rich. Acting as leader of this gang is a nobleman named Yoon Bang, or as I think of him, the Mole Man clearly marked by a large mole on his face for ease of recognition. I love dis film so much and i want bong soon to be loved and happy. He plunges the sword into the ground and tells the king to go. Baek-mae recalls her last conversation with Gu Ja-myung, when he had told her that Iljimae came by and ate her food. Wol-hee and Iljimae take some time to enjoy being out and about, and are looking over some trinkets in the marketplace when Cha-dol spots them. Iljimae was adopted by a family who lived in the Qing Kingdom.

Retrieved March 21, Ah, one more thing, Bong Soon is the most pitiful girl in Iijimae, she always get wounds because of others, and broken heart because of Yongee. Like I told you, the problem w them is that they cut off the last few. He orders his men to hurry; their time is running out before they need to use the gold to secure their supplies. Thus when Officer Gu happens upon an indignant and injured Keol-chi, he looks on him in concern and hears his story. He gets his nifty crossbow out and decides to climb through the chamber on a rope. He could have been stealing from a different banquet, because the King was still on his throne. Cos last I checked no subbing group had picked it up, which was an absolute letdown.

The king is shepherded to a safe spot after his tents collapse while the constipated voice noble gets his paper stolen. So you were willing to kill your son, and countless innocents?! Never before realized that Jun Ki can be this hot. This one stands on its kljimae.


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One of the greatest saeguk series i’ve ever known. The two pairs of shows Kunghe ordered, who are they for? I think an appropriate song for this episode would be Homecoming, by Vienna Teng.

But that sword business!! Listen and download the song iljimae opening theme [korean drama]. Iljimae drama free download Iljimae Free Download Title: I love the scene when a giant white sheet unrolls to show the trademark sprig of red plum blossoms in front of the main palace. One person predicts that he will die, surrounded as he is by imperial soldiers. Normally I like sinopss happy end, but this was very naive. This is a high quality resolution. Oh and does Eun Chae know who Iljimae truly is, besides him being her first and last love ah!

Think of them as two completely separate Superman interpretations. Episodes by odilettante.

Keol-chi is stunned speechless to see him, then rushes to grab him in tearful joy. In the end, I killed her.

Or put another rsturn, his. Or has his bad deeds finally gotten to him? Why Shi Hoo wont give up the bloody letter is quite simple. Holy cow, thank goodness. Excited to recognize Iljimae, he rushes off to retrieve Bae Sun-dal, but returns too late to catch Iljimae.

Viewers are also more satisfied and not so much confused about the ending. Very much Haru2subS for allowing us who can. If Ketong is 5, and time lapse is 4, it would mean he was 1 when that last big fight sinopssi the palace took place right? But gradually became friends. I’m waiting patiently for your next recaps, esp.


Gwanghaegun, who killed his own mother and brothers to get the throne, was not fit for it. Lucky for him, both assassins have been called away to meet Kunghe.

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The trio of leaders is watching at a distance from the rest of their crew, and hear their men going down. She crashes down the rocky hill to crumple in a heap at the bottom, by the frozen lake. In fact, he seems to have expected a reaction like this. Shi Hoo follows the tunnel from inside, and realizes that Iljimae had people digging at different spots. As Iljimae stands thronged by swords, Shi Hoo leaps out of nowhere and comes to his exposed side. Also, who are the people that Yongee wants to protect by not releasing the evidence?

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Iljimae The Episodde in Masks. Iljimae turns and leaves reyurn engaging further. The assassin looks astounded. Thanks you sooo much for your recap. I Really liked it n oop 4 a better one.

Even though we knew the “jump” scene was coming, I still enjoyed the way it was played out Thanks for the recap cos we were confused about the final episode but thanks to you we can finally quench our curious mind,kamsahamnida‚Ķbut i would have loved it more if yong marries bong soo ah,i love the drama.

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