Though I am guessing their drunken conversations may be a little one sided…. Morning dawns and the retainers meet up to discuss the death of the King. The King embraces his son and his love, apologizing for having to put them through such a traumatizing event. Wow, this was a great episode. In Hyun will rule by proxy, the infant son of the King will take the throne, and Ok Jung will be evicted and then murdered. If he does this then treason charges will not be brought against him.

In Hyun tells Ok Jung that if she wants to keep her son alive she will give up her baby and leave- because if she does not Lord Min will certainly kill both of them. The King agrees as long as the retainers agree to what he wants- the deposal of the current Queen. Wow, this was a great episode. Posted on November 7, by ockoala. What do you think of the series thus far? Awww, she is maternal! The plot will of course involve Prince D- the King knows that is where the Western party will concentrate their efforts. The retainers gather in the main hall.

Posted on November 8, by ockoala. India beat Bangladesh by runs. What do you think of In Hyun so far? You can find and download evrething you want!. Thoughts Wow, this was a great episode.

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What better way to find out who is against your best interest than to suddenly go away- slip into illness and see who does what. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Faced with the evidence against him Min is left to meekly ask what the King wants. Email Address never made public. Notify me of new comments via email. Suddenly we see a shadowy figure dressed as a maid rush her, before he can launch his assault Queen In Hyun appears and yells for the maid.


In Hyun relinquishes the baby to her maid, it is palace custom that the royal children are taken to their nanny for the night. Telah ditambahkan Video Preview dan Written Preview di akhir postingan.

Jim Raynor appears in each episode of. Ia bahkan menyindir Min Young ada perlu apa ia datang ke tempat dimana pemiliknya belum datang. The King emphasizes that they need to secure the signatures of the Western Party on a pact denouncing the crown prince; such evidence is enough to oust them from the court for treason.

He angrily glares at the King, the monarch smiles in joy at his successful reformation of the government. The plot will of course involve Prince D- the King knows that is where the Western party will concentrate their efforts.

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Big brother announces he will organize armed men to find her; he sets off on his sister saving mission, leaving a very angry Uncle Jang to stew. Because, you know, it had to have happened, they sent that assassin and all. Raynor would later state that his tough guy reputation was such he. Kali ini Jae Hee tak ada ramahramahnya sama sekali pada pengacara itu. Master Jin smiles and announces that if she is ejected from the palace he will have to go take a look and see how beautiful she really is.


Ok Jung explains that she cannot- she has a home now and that home is the palace. The doors of the main hall are opened and the arrival of his majesty is announced.

Lord Min is standing watch over the unconscious King when Prince D arrives. A hand reaches out to caress her forehead; she wakes up with a start. The king, holding all the evidence he needs to oust the Western Party, throws the pact to the floor- how dare they attempt to go against his wishes to make Yoon the Crown Gy

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She looks back but does not see anything.

Meanwhile Master Jin is meeting with Lord Min. Her father offers an alternative route- after all our baby Prince might get a little pissed when he grows up and finds out what the Western Party did to 118-2 Mom.

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Episode 20 Final ” Toggle. Ok Jung departs with her brother, telling Jin that she hopes he finds peace. Awww, she is maternal!

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