She finds the trash by the door and grumbles that she told him to throw it away on his way out. They all get back into the car and turn around, allowing Papa Lee to spend his time with Mama Lee, undisturbed. It had all the elements of making you feel nice even if the story is at the end. Why are you jealous? Later that night, Papa Kang gives his wife a back massage, outraged that their granddaughter is out to get her grandmother. Curious, he opens it up and finds a ratty pair of slippers sandals? Though they have come a long way, father and daughter are still a bit awkward around each other — or at least Papa Lee feels so. I hope the journey was as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and I hope this is only the beginning of your time with us here at the Patch.

Ho-jung excitedly tries on the heels, touched by the thoughtful gift. My daughter Seo-yong is my favorite drama.. MDSY is a good interpretation of love, endurance, mistakes and forgiveness. Call me out on it and I will welcome youuuu! He grabs her in a hug, giddy with happiness, and Seo-young hugs him back, smiling with just as much joy. Just get married already. A lovely end to our amazing journey. Are you going to do it for me or not?

Notify me of new comments via email. Papa Lee was doing repairs at a temple he was working with wood then as welland Mama Lee was there stacking stones into little towers. Seems she is thriving in America — the program was supposed to be for 1 year, if I recall correctly — and Kyung-ho is going to see her soon when he visits Pennsylvania to give a lecture.

Thank you for giving up your dreams for us, for giving birth to me. Mi-kyung shares the good news with her family, who are all overjoyed. If you look at it from a different perspective, Woo-jae-sshi is actually a jerk. He is still acting as the manager for Papa Choi, who has become the Biebs for ajuhmmas. You come to a knitting workshop to learn how to knit. I really love and enjoy the recap.


As per the laws of the universe, Sol starts up a racket in the middle of the night.

Hear My Heart Photos : Sinopsis Drama Korea My Daughter Seo Young Episode Terakhir

Sung-jae is busy as well, judging audtionees for Winners Entertainment. A more fitting end I sayahgku not be able to find. He yanks the car back into his lane then pulls off to the side.

To her surprise, her precious slippers are peeking out of the trash bag, and she hastily pulls them out to return them to her box. Email required Address never made public.

SINOPSIS My Daughter Seo Young Episode 1 – 50 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Thanks a lot for the hard work! Thank you Pinkblossom… It is a great pleasure to read your recaps after every episode. As she hands him a glass of water, she gently reproaches him for not waking her when he was thirsty.

Thanks for this drama that make us know each other from this recap. To their utter joy and relief, Sang-woo excitedly tells sep sister that Papa Lee regained consciousness. Thank you for being alive. He tries to gently ease his hand out from under hers, to drink some water without disturbing her, but the movement wakes her up. But for all that you have done fulm for us all…… Aroha se lots of love for taking care of us and for all your hard work that you have done for the many weeks, that we have waited and learned more about the insights of this show.

He grabs her in a hug, giddy with happiness, and Seo-young hugs him back, smiling with just as much joy. Are you going to divorce me? My Daughter Seo-young bowed out with an all-time best My daughter Seo-yong is my favorite drama. You made it so that I only expressed anger towards you since junior year of high school. Kind of like throwing a coin into a fountain. Jeffrey — to get rid of any doctor that was annoying him.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Hahahaa just admit it. Seo-young is appeased, and Ho-jung bemoans to Sol that childless Auntie is so sad. Though they have come a long way, father and daughter are still a bit awkward around each other — or at least Papa Lee feels so. There is nothing anyone could find fault with in you. In the hospital, before the coma, Papa Lee had said he craved yeol-moo gook-soo [cold noodles in a radish-based soup], a signature dish of Mama Lee.

She has been selected to go to America for the fellowship program! Sang-woo puts his arm around Seo-young and suggests they leave, to give this time to Papa Lee.

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Seo-young is still with Woo-jae, telling him to hand over his keys so she can drive him home. He gets out of bed, and she asks if he needs to use the restroom, and Papa Lee says he just needs to stretch a bit. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I want to keep it brief for once, especially since I always epically fail on that count.

The beautiful episoxe chair in which Papa Lee poured out his love and devotion, is holding Seo-young and a sleeping Sol. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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