Prashant lies to Kumud that he is suffering from a brain disease. Guniyal and Dugba discuss on how to prove Danny’s innocence. Vidyachatur becomes worried about Kumud. Prashant offers a lift to Kumud to the electricity supply office. Hence, Danny gets released from the police custody. Kumud prays to god, and refuses to have food.

Kumud wishes to make an announcement for Saraswatichandra from the performance area. She stops Kabir from changing his t-shirt, and persuades him to have food with the family. Saraswatichandra finds Kumud’s earring in Sunanda’s house. Vidyachatur becomes worried about Kumud. Kumud invites Nandini to her house. Kabir offers a lift to Anushka.

Danny informs Kusum that they are going to Dubai, to manage Laxminandan’s business. Kumud’s mother asks her to vacate her room as Saraswatichandra will be occupying it during his stay in their house. Saraswatichandra strives to find Kumud.

Saras regrets accusing Shankar

Follow me on Instagram: She dreams about him. Yash throws Kalika out of the house, and apologises to Danny. He informs Saraswatichandra that he had rescued Kumud from the goons, and tells him that sarawwatichandra was searching for Roopmati.

Yash informs Vidyachatur that he searched for Kabir, but failed to find him. Saraswati Chandra becomes upset with Laxminandan’s announcement of his marriage.

Saraswatichandra – 8th May 2013 – Ep 54

Saraswatichandra becomes depressed on recalling his mother’s death. Saraswatichandra and Kumud succeed in getting the duplicate photograph created. Anushka tries to inform Vidyachatur about Kabir, but in vain. Saraswatichandra and Kumud break their fast. Sunanda claims that the earring belongs to her, and produces its pair. Prashant tries to mislead Kumud about Saraswatichandra. Danny advises Kabir not to worry about Anushka.


Dugba learns that Kabir had hidden Anushka’s project report, and enquires him. Yash returns home, and advises Anushka to marry Kabir. Saraswatichandra calls Kumud, but hides about his whereabouts. Saraswatichandra tells her that he cannot marry her.

Kabir disguises himself as a ghost, and tries to scare Anushka. Saraswatichandra requests Vidyachatur to postpone the date of bhoomipujan, as he wishes to perform it with Kumud. Menaka ignores Kumud’s call. Kumud breaks down eppisode tears on learning that Saraswatichandra had come to India, before her marriage.

Sunanda informs them that Jugnu and Kumud have left for Ahmedabad. Later, Sunanda informs Ghuman that Kumud is in her captivity. Vidyachatur asks Kumud to get ready for a video chat with Saraswati Chandra. She questions him about his feelings for her.

Kumud and Saraswatichandra recall the moments they have spent together. By Anamika Sharma views. Vidyachatur becomes angry when Laxminandan repays the money he had borrowed from him, in the past.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. Menaka enquires Ghuman about Laxminandan’s health condition.


Kumud tells her mother that Saraswatichandra is selfish and a coward. Jugnu decides to apply sindoor epispde Kumud’s forehead. Prashant asks Kumud to help him in purchasing a gift for his friend. Saraswatichandra has a flashback of his mother’s suicide attempt in the same lake. Saraswatichandra decides to go to Mumbai, the next day.

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Kusum comforts Vidyachatur and Guniyal. She informs Vidyachatur’s family about the same, and instructs them to vacate the house. Jugnu wishes to marry Kumud. Dugba suspects that Saraswati had given birth to a healthy epjsode, and Ghuman might had replaced it with Janaki’s dead baby. Kabir feels guilty on visiting Laxminandan in the hospital. Later, Prashant takes Kumud to a location, where Saraswatichandra’s car is parked, sarawatichandra shows her blood stains.

Kusum sees Kiran’s messages in Danny’s phone, and arrives at the location to catch them. Kumud argues with Saraswatichandra to defend Vidyachatur’s honour.

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