Brock reveals that Hariyama has a Thick Fat that makes Fire and Ice Type attack do less than half the damage they usually would. Makerarenai Tatakai wa Tsuzuku!! Spoink and the others find the Clamperl, but it now has its shell closed. Ash beats Noland and obtains a Knowledge Symbol. A Sneasel and a Mr. May’s final Hoenn Contest continues: The kids are heading to Maisie Island on a ferry when they spot a Spoink floating on a log. The jewel of his collection is a rare blue pearl.

Hariyama beats Torkoal with a Brick Break. Ash then orders a Flamethrower , which Seviper dodges. However, they find no sign of the pearl, and report back to the group empty-handed. Retrieved from ” https: Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Views Read Edit View history.

James tries to physically pry the shell open, but that doesn’t work either. See the full gallery. Max and Snorunt do their best to rescue Ralts and reunite it with a Kirlia and Gardevoir. The Hoenn League begins: Season 8 Episodes See All.

Clamperl of Wisdom

When they save it and bring it Charizard returns to duel with Articuno. Abuse of the TV.

S8 Episode 5 Gaining Groudon. The match ends with Ash victorious, and he moves on to the round 1 of the Victory Tournament. The jewel of his collection is a rare blue pearl.

Ash then orders a Flamethrowerwhich Seviper dodges. That Mystery and Wonder!!


Pokémon Season: 8

Pokemon Kontesuto, Kinagi Taikai! When they arrive on the island, they meet a scientist named Isaiah who is doing research on Clamperl and their pearls—which end up as Spoink pearls. Skitty battles Joshua’s Houndoom, while Jessie is disqualified by making Meowth use a fake Transform move through costume changes. In the United States, it aired from September 17,to July 8, Back on shore, the group sees a young girl and her Shroomish running along the beach.

Pokémon – Season 8, Episode 1: Clamperl of Wisdom –

Ash has a double battle with a trainer called Rocky on Muscle Island. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top pokwmon, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. On the way to Mossdeep City, Ash and friends encounter Spoink again. Morrison’s Beldum evolves and Tyson’s Meowth is given a backstory. Continuing from the previous episode, Ash’s Gym Battle against Juan continues with Ash facing his toughest challenge yet as he faces off against Juan’s Milotic, who quickly proves to be an overwhelmingly powerful opponent.

Edit Did You Know? As a result, it psychically picks it up and puts it on its head. Morrison snaps out of his dilemma and sends out Swampert, who draws with Corphish after using Focus Punch against Corphish’s Crabhammer. When this fact is discovered, everyone goes looking for the Clamperl and Team Rocket steals it away.

Ash’s Snorunt finally handles Ice Beam when it evolves into Glalie. Hariyama pokemom Torkoal with a Brick Break. May’s final Hoenn Contest continues: Ash grabs the device, saying that it doesn’t belong to Spoink, and Torkoal clampero at Spoink’s situation.


Team Rocket sneaks in and tries to steal the blue pearl, only to be beaten out by Spoink stealing it first. He escorts Ash and his friends to his lab and museum, where they find a pool enclosure with large rock formations in the middle; a group of Clamperl are on the rocks.

Team Rocket crashes a plane with Ash and friends on board on an island, which is home to the castaway Robin and his Wailmer. Anorith then evolves into Armaldo.

James removes the display case, but before Jessie can grab the pearl, Spoink hops by and psychically puts it on its bagtle, hopping all the way out the window. It turns out to be a Spoink floating on a log, and is apparently the same Spoink they met before. He then moves on to the second round. Share this Rating Title:

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