You keep this packet in his car. I have heard everything on the radio. What are you thinking? Did you have any news of Aftab? The explosives that we got the orders to destroy.. And if I know my God well, he will accept this relationship.

Show me the truck. Mother, please forgive me. Do you know who a lawyer is? Tomorrow, you have to come to my home with proposa!. Aftab, what are you doing? Then a voice within me told that

Let me hear what he says.

Now I will see how Jadeja troubles me. What will you investigate about? I have got the record of yours. Yes I know, but I need. He spoiled my mood.

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I was missing you a lot. You do know what will happen now? Bring your pistols down.

Answer me, where are you? Akshay Thakare 11 dias. Haresh Singh 4 dias. When the girl who loves with you, is beside you. There are expIosives in the boxes.


It seems that Ruksana is getting married. I will bring Ruksana.

Please bring that bag. Best Wjay Forever 6 dias. The war between the Indian and the Pakistan in I will clear all your queries later. You make it your bloody business.

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He is then approached by Hariya, who convinces him that Vikram will never return. We are a well reputed family. Vikram escapes and plans to flee the city with Raju. Then, listen to me. I will complete the procedure after returning from the border. Do you want to die?

Md Arman 3 dias. It seems that you want to kill them at any cost.

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You fill two trucks with stones in place of explosivesAnd take 20 bright officers with you. I have arranged everything.

I am going to Delhi and within 24 hours I will find the truth RK RocK 6 horas. You should have killed me before my birth.


Why did you do this to me? Bring a thing that belongs to me. Come on, follow them! Do you know this has become a very big case? You may get that. Do you think that you are very powerful? And one more thing.

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