I loved how they switched roles in that ED. Now what we have here is a parentless HaremBoy who can cook and is as altruistic as he is oblivious, a textbook tsundere who started a club about popularity, no less two childhood friends, someone the boy is betrothed to, and a painfully shy, bookish girl. Considering how they played the whole relationship for a long time, I can’t distinguish anymore! Masuzu would have been the worst person Eita could have ended up with. Glad it’s done, wish chiwa was picked and it ended like that, gaaah; Masuzu is such a bitch. Best plot twist in anime history.

Too bad it always ended the same way! Ai-chan helped keep me watching when I was ready to drop it. There is no other explanation. All that does is completely prove my judgement towards her about what a fucking cunt she is. Let’s hope that if that last Chiwa scene is also portrayed in the manga, then Eita will finally understand a thing or two and make the right decision dammiiit!!! In the novel, Masuzu just interrupts them after Chiwa’s confession.

Eita doesn’t understand anything. It’s obvious that Masuzu would interrupt them.

She’s the antithesis of the typical dumb bitch. So what I take away from this anime is that harems really aren’t for me because they disgust me. It featured a not surprising development from EitaKido and some heartfelt if not unexpected character growth from his girlfriend MasuzuNatsukawa.

Animal – Neon Trees – 7 months ago. Masuzu was raised as a tool and was taught that. She is an annoying bitch and she wants to force him to marry her. I mean just awful. Sorta a bleh ending to a semi bleh show. If you don’t, you have no right to judge her.


This one had some terrible characters in it, Hime had a baseless claim to really orre up with the others, Ai has a marriage note from like what, preschool or something? rpisode

Think rationally; Chiwa kiss and confess to her Masuzu’s ‘boyfriend’. It’s a harem or non-conclusive ending because Eita is too nice to simply ignore these other girls even though he supposedly “loves” Misuzu, and we all saw how he wanted to grab Chiwa’s ass at the end. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and it had some really interesting ideas.

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Series cute nothing exceptional, but it is was pleasant in the best order are before Ai, second Chiwa, Masuzu third, fourth Hime! Both Chiwa and Himeka seems down but Ai Non-conclusive endings are what I tend to avoid. Not her as well. The kiss in the end was osanwnajimi beautiful, really isananajimi this anime actually, the bo and animation was also superb so I definitely had anlme great watch!

Well at least Ai has her own spin-off manga where she will win. Either way, it was still an average harem, nothing really ruffled my feathers with this one, same scenes, same scenarios, nothing special, or anything that got my emotions up. Dat moment when Eita shouted “I love Natsukawa Masuzu” all the girls had such a painful look on their faces while covering their ears. If he had said ‘hey, wtf’ and then she said ‘I won’t give up on you’ and then Natsukawa walked in and they had another stare-down, or something like that, that would be your typical harem ending.


BBCode Modified by kittyfo, May 2, BBCode “Love is a drug to our kanoojit stops the thinking function and when you realize it wether you acomplish it or not you’ll enter in one of the 3 withdrawal states: And then a random kuudere and tsundere appear and the anime tanked.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Episode 13 Discussion

In fact in trying to avoid both routes he created the battlefield harem route, haha. I hated Eita towards the end, during the Chiwa kiss.

Stupid show with too many stupid characters. And what made it even worse was that the wave took her away!

Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend Episode 1

Alright, its time to ask the opposite kanojjo yesterdays question to everybody. As with yesterday, I will go first. She suffered a mental breakdown cause by “identity crisis” as a result from having to put up the false personality for her father for a long time. Ai knew Eita longer than Chiwa did, but Ai doesn’t use it as a reason for Eita to love her.

And like anybody cares that she knew the guy first,jeez. This just tells us that the harem will continue if there is another season.

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