It is for you. Clean the front yard! Because yours sisters are beautiful and fragrant. Naskah Drama – Kucingku Documents. If you are paired, you certainly will meet with princess crown. Yuyu Kangkang left Kelenting Kuning. Madam, you ask Ande-Ande Lumut. There is no boats here.

He swam to the edge of river and approached Kelentings place. Besides what Ande-ande Lumut? I do miss them. There so many ways to walk on. Wait a minute An angel opened her suitcase and took a dress. My dear, better you go home.

You are the winner and you have a right to get a plane.

Will you marry me? You can go to the party by it, but remember you must go home before 12, ok? Yes Yuyu Kangkang, we know you are a nice crab. He followed the Ande Ande Lumut to see her. Naskah Drama 2 Orang Documents. You are only parachute here!

Klenting Kuning entered while sweeping the foreground, with a tired face. What’s the matter, mother? Yuyu, did you see my sisters? Now you must go to beauty pallor to manicure, pedicure, hair spa, and facial. An angel took her dress from Kelenting Kuning. When they confused found out trouble situation, suddenly in the middle of river was appearance a big, big crab!


Former massaging your Yuyu Kang-kang hands glancing Yuyu Kang-kang fishy!! What do you want here?

Klenting kuning whip Yuyu Kangkang with the stick stork delivery. Ande-ande Lumut entered the stage with his assistant and Mbok Rondo that carried folders and pencils. I never think that you are all can defeat me. And then, a reporter nnaskah and approached her. Klenting kuning then approached the edge of the river and whip her stick again.

Kelenting Kuning, may I know your plane after it? All Klenting successfully passed the test, Mbok Rondo announced who was lmut to be the companion of life Ande-ande Lumut.

Naskah Drama s 2

I have good news! No one he received as his wife. Who are you beautiful girl?

I have another job and I cannot leave it. We also give you a pilot and stewardess Here they are….

Yuyu Kangkang, we agree with your condition, but promise only one time, ok? My prince disguised as a commoner I look for the crown princess. Suddenly she saw Yuyu Kangkang in the middle of river.


I give you five minutes to ponder it and I wait here. It was still seem old and bad. How came my son will love you? Ande – Ande lumut: Curtly, glancing Klenting Ande-and Klenting Kuning: Madam, Yuyu Kangkang kissed my verzi only once.

You must believe in your mother. There is no boats here. I am wanderer, I have no place to stay, may I stay in your home. Mom…can I take a part in this competition? Listen to music Javanese music Narrator: Yes, I do madam.

Naskah Drama b.inggris 2

Kelenting Ijo nodded her had and Madam Gedangan sang a special song. Our house is narrow, if she lives here, where will we sleep!!

Wait till someone come here? I would rather rub coupons than wash cooking Vessel.

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