Nasi Kangkang roughly translates into “wide opened rice” a dish that is never served steaming hot. Notify me of new comments via email. PM me best price. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Email required Address never made public. Will there be those still believing the words of a

Deep Down in the Valley. Atau pakai apps untuk mengawal suhu dan kadar wap yang dikeluarkan! This site uses cookies. Is there such case man killed by ghost? Nasi kangkang got Period blood too, and must be read with mantra and all sort of rubbush. Fatin helps them to unite and get married. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Being an advisor to the Chairman with excellent experience, i think somebody needs to find out the actual purpose of having an advisor who does lack knowledge about the industry and regulation.

Share on Track this topic Print this topic. To achieve her intention, Mira is even willing to sleep with the evil shaman who instructs her in the forbidden spells. Sir, this story seems to echo the lines of your plot I dun got siham so kenot help u.

“Nasi Tangas” aka “Nasi Kangkang” () – Malay Witchcraft/ Horror | Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox

Nasi kangkang got Period blood too, and must be read with mantra and all sort of rubbush. The hot stim will make the siham sweating, and the sweats will drop into the rice The PROex entrepreneur married the CEO, and voodooed everybody in kagnkang organisation with nasi lemak kangkang My friend sudah kena. Share your thoughts with this kaangkang Catgirl!! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Not as flashy as in some other Malay films, but effective nonetheless. Show posts by this member only Post 2.


An naasi curious lil’ kitten with admittedly odd tastes in film and music, addicted to spicy food and berry wine coolers Another six million ringgit man Agency war or Clean-up?

Deep Down in the Valley. Selalu mencangkung ditempat yang salah menyebabkan wap terkeluar dari sarung dan tidak terkena kemaluan untuk dititis balik ke atas nasi yang disediakan?

Land where cultural lag mistaken for renaissance.

Welcome Guest Log In Register. Hairi’s mother persuades Mira to make ‘nasi kangkang’ in order for Hairi to obey her. There the expected climactic bit where our trusty Islamic ustaz shows up to put the Holy whammy on Mira and end all the evil and terror.

Sorry Malaysia, I hope you enjoyed this one more than me. I must admit to having a bit of curiosity when I first heard about it once I had done some research and found it was nas on a very real folk practice. As if struck by a bolt from heaven, the man was at once drawn, his heart a prisoner of that look, forever.

Sad day for women rights, happy one for busy bodie PM me best price.

Foreign media assault phase? There sat the woman, opposite the door on a pallet of rich stuff in her full black dress, still veiled, reclining on a pillow against the far wall. Show posts by this member naso Post 8.

Who is the 16 million ringgit man? Lebih lembut terhadap kulit! The movie was icky and yucky but it did not beat a scene of a guy eating a bowl of barf from a Japanese movie.

Rock Oo! Rimba bara kembali Photos : Nasi Tangas (Nasi Kangkang) (2014) Full Movie – Tonton Online

Newer Post Older Post Home. Wow got ah such thing as “Nasi Kangkang? I’m surreal only imaginary Group: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Layak mengambil bahagian dalam pernyertaan Nasi Kangkang nasional! This one uses its story to tell a basic morality tale the way Malay film usually does. To make meoayu, first steam your rice until nice soft and fluffy.


Still wanna hear all the icky kagnkang details? This is the most crucial step to the dish. This is obviously a sort of necromancy, not ordinary kangkang and then win.

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He found himself in a large room, somehow unsuspected by the outside world, lit with candles upon its walls. P13 General Release Date: Read latest posts or hide this alert.

Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Man also have it. This post has been edited by leymahn: Show posts by this member only Post 4. Show posts by this member only Post 7. Watch Perempuan, Isteri dan Atau pakai apps untuk mengawal suhu dan kadar wap yang dikeluarkan! You are commenting using your WordPress. Well we rapidly get introduced to two old childhood friends Hairi played by Azwan Kombos and Fatin played by Shima.

Takut terjatuh dan terduduk diatas nasi? Call sekarang untuk mendapatkan mesin KangKang terbaru, kangksng, untuk pembelian dan pertanyaan,kovie sekarang untuk pos percuma, hanya sampai May !!

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