Ellah is a loving daughter who is willing to do everything for her family, especially when their father abandoned them for another woman. What pushed a dedicated housewife to escape from her “real life” and give her time to a total stranger? How can he prove that he deserves Sheryl’s love? It’s not an easy job especially because he’s aware of how the society looks down on guys like him. Everything seems so right for the two until Aileen starts to demand so much time from Jhonny even though Jhonny is studying and working then at the same time. A family drama episode about identical twins Fred and Freddie, who will both be maltreated and abused in the ships where they work as fishermen. How did she deal with the public’s criticism on her physical appearance?

A Valentine’s Day episode about the story of Maynard, a playboy who captures the heart of Zandrae, a girl who grew up with a lot of insecurities due to her dark skin tone and non-supportive family. The story Igge a good-hearted son who took on the role of father to his half-siblings after their mother died. An inspiring story of a visually impaired model-beauty queen named Jessa. Clarita and Charity are two people who look exactly the same. She wants her family intact so much that she endures her miserable life with her abusive husband who is unreasonably jealous, overprotective and possessive even with their children. Ben is a young man who bravely faced all the odds, even the maltreatment of his family, just to achieve his goal of finishing his studies. It’s like as if she has acquired a contagious disease with the way her mother avoids her ever since they’ve had a huge fight because of what she has become.

To avoid his father’s trap which will make him lose the chance of marrying the girl of his dreams, he was forced to leave their home aswanh settle somewhere far from his family. A heavy family drama episode about Claire, a loving daughter who will feel devastated and betrayed by her own family upon knowing the truth about her real identity. This episode mainly focuses on the life story of Jerome Aswangg, a man suffering from Tourette’s Syndromea mental disorder that is caused by involuntary tics.

Gigi’s dreams turned into a nightmare when she was raped repeatedly by her employer. May and Bobit, who would aswajg break up because of their personal differences. Until one day, she finds herself taking care of a baby girl named Bronchelle. How hard was it for PJ when she was criticized and tormented by people who barely knew her?


Everything was almost perfect but after 20 years, she is surprised when one day Tomas came back to them-he is alive! Discover the extraordinary love story of Marie, who has dreamt of becoming a nun since she was young.

While dealing with this ordeal, she met a lawyer named David who, like her, just came out of a bad relationship. And she will learn to love her, and regret to have finally come to terms with her emotions in a difficult situation and that was being married. Judith is one of the siblings who suffered from the cruelty of their father and was adopted by a foster family that noveber made her life more miserable.

At first, she has no choice but to accept her fate for the sake of their four kids. In the story, Apple was most of the time scolded by her mom Jossie for always giving more time with Church activities rather than her studies. Her rampant hair loss persists into her teenage years, causing her a lot of heartaches and discrimination by the people novfmber her.

Brenda is a hardworking lady who grew up with a lot of insecurities. In novekber loneliness and yearning for a family, he spearheads a children’s choir in their town and spends the majority of his time training them to sing like pros.

Precious Lara Quigaman and Sylvia Sanchez will topbill the “Aswang” episode of MMK |

Soon, Febie peacefully died and Eunice, who is a widow, starts fulfilling her promise to novembdr sister by comforting Febie’s family, especially the husband who became emotionally devastated by his loss. To make matters worse, they are forced to live with their relatives separately since they were kids. But everything started to change when Raymond decided to stop working and fully depend on his wife. What did Cecile have to go through when Roel left her for good?

Precious and Sylvia Star in ‘Aswang’ Episode of ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ this Saturday

Anna’s happy married life started to suffer when she confessed her extraordinary ability to her husband Sonny Gio Alvarez. Randy who was in dire need of money for his younger brother’s hospital bills and expensive medication. Will he stop risking his life in street fights once his family asks him to do so?

He introduced Tirso to a girl who episods the complete opposite of Sheryl Cruz and even wanted him to marry her. To make things worse, Fidel is determined to break the fll apart even if it means hurting his own daughter.


Carla Francisco 16 is a loving daughter of Allan and Norma Francisco. When he is asked to form a football team in their town, Julius meets a group of kids who have the same vices as his father. Acmad, a man who fell in love with a beautiful but elusive lady named Flor.

Third Eye(TV5) episode7 “ASWANG” (9/9/12)

How did all the pain and hardships that Rustie had to go through help him succeed in achieving his goals in life? But despite Ofelia’s oppressiveness, Becky keeps her mother-in-law’s maltreatment a secret from her husband Toto for ten years. Witness how Jeff gave up everything in order to help his younger brother gain his self-esteem back after his left leg was amputated after being diagnosed with bone cancer. Their dilemma begins when their common friends played with a blank marriage rpisode, wrote their names on it and put them on a journey of pretensions, heartaches, courtship and the realization of an authentic marriage contract.

After his mother and siblings were laid to rest, Jomar did not take advantage of the incidental freedom caused by the tragedy. At first she denies that there’s a mutual attraction between them, but she eventually gives in to her strong feelings for him.

How a couple, together with their two children, survive on the meager earnings of Marlon, who scavenges for metal junk in creeks for a living. They went through the toughest test of their lives as they could lose their lives any minute.

At first, the brothers were happy with the fact that they look alike and even used it to their advantage. Tikboy, a child who, together with his siblings, grew up with an abusive and irresponsible man in fjll special Father’s Day episode. Thinking that this would help heal her family’s wounds and mend her children’s relationship with their father, she and Paeng decided to buy a house that they have long been dreaming of having.

The story of a much-admired tour guide in Tuguegarao.

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