This work SoloShow was all about women and iconic images of women. Live Arts Week, Bologna Canedicoda? Photo by Paula Court. It is also very important for me to work on these components by grafting them to the performance of a distilled physical task. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Incidental sounds coming from the lighting equipment accompany the dance.

The magazine covers both well known, institutional realities — such as museum exhibitions, established galleries and foundations — and alternative, young space s. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I had to look at how lots of people expressed that. Riceverai una conferma per email all’indirizzo segnalato. It varies on the theme of the work each time. I felt as if I was taken hostage, in a way. And then went back on again. The audience leaves the space, carrying this updated image, whilst the performers remain onstage.

The setting is quite intense, quite present. What do you think draws you towards that? The work is durational; it takes place in time.

Maria Hassabi: PREMIERE

Then for a while a lot of the postures that I discovered, that I explored, followed in my preiere works. In fact, the pre-recorded soundscape overlaps the actual equipment noises and apparently comes from the speaker placed along with the stage lights on the left wall.

Like you stole something and you made it your own. By stretching time, Premiere indeed becomes an endless series of tableaux, as a live slide show. It is incorporated directly by the dance as a form of the ephemeral, and it is performed as an experience between the bodies for an audience.

A dream performance space—where would it be? In Conversation with Jibade-Khalil Huffman Dec 10 Artist Jibade-Khalil Huffman premiede been working in, around, and between the worlds of video and literature for much of his adult life.

Following graduation, she moved to New York in pursuit of art. It makes the viewer look at those interstices that would not be perceived otherwise. Harakas, in magenta, and Biba Bell, in a bleached grey and cream outfit, are standing. Hassabi explains in Time Out: These tasks are also the rules that tend to guide the choreography, like being close but never touching or being locked in a mutual gaze, hasaabi up and down the risers in Intermission.


It cannot be the same. The individuality of each dancer is revealed by the way each body copes with his or her solo and the idea premirre the meaning of a premiere. From sustaining a pose for too long, not uncommonly, the bodies experience involuntary movements—some hesitation, some trembling.

PREMIERE: Maria Hassabi’s new instance on dance

And then, slowly, I noticed a hand or a foot, moving just a little bit. The original sound design by Alex Waterman is composed of what resembles white noise sounds, and include a song excerpt coming from another speaker, on the maira of the stage. I make works where one has plenty of time to look, and to notice every little sigh and nuance that gets produced by the performers in each passing moment. I should dance now.

Towards the inevitable end: The same slow pace. Since then, Half Straddle has premiered As she attunes to and extracts the subtlety prsmiere her dance, we all can muse on what prejiere revealed and transformed when dance and observer experience each other. You want to open up a side of their mind that is going to make them think in a new way about being a human being.

The sculptural aspect becomes less about some autonomous plastic object and more about a background that allows small details — even breathing and hassagi still —to be perceived in dramatic terms. Hassabi sits on the floor wearing light blue, while Steijn, in beige, and Zins-Browne, in gray, are lying on the floor. Trying to always clean it and understand what it is, I end up paring it down.


Premeire as a term is tied with anticipation and expectation. It added to my feeling of discontent. It varies on the theme of the work each time. This work SoloShow was all about women and iconic images of women.

Although the premeire design was a strong visual component of the performance, the lighting changes seemed mostly unnecessary. We would be thrilled to have your continued support of Performa.

Looking back at 2018 and ahead in 2019!

Anticipation remains central to the work, as well as the flow of the gestures and the movement, the change in the shape of the overall space, the way we engage with time. It was this challenge of how to make the work work in there.

The doors of the theater are closed and the initial composition of the performers remain, their back turned to the viewers. You are commenting peemiere your Twitter account.

The only noises were the screeching sounds the shoes made on the floor. Over the past ten years, Maria Hassabi has developed a practice involved with the relation of the body to the image defined by the sculptural physicality and extended duration inherent in her choreography.

It gives time to see the people.

Published November 4, They are vulnerable, yet their presence stands stronger. The key components that occur within my practice, are particularly the relationship of the gassabi to image, to sculptural physicality, to exertion and duration, and also to an element of cerebral precision.

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