Risa knew she shouldn’t have gone. At first I thought they didn’t kiss but after watching the next episode, yep. Otani and Koizumi commend Suzuki for it. Otani signals her to come over. If she says the wrong thing or makes the wrong face or does the wrong thing she get’s told off or the cold shoulder or put down or dumped?! Koizumi is sleeping in school assembly again. Risa should be pissed off naturally.

My favourite couple in anime. August 14, by Hazy May. I can’t seriously blame Risa, who has been completely left to herself by Otani that dumb. Should’ve never gone to the concert with another guy. Just my 2 cents. For the first time, I’m actually tepid about watching the next episode Totally agree with Maity being more handsome in the anime and manga comparing to the live-action movie. Otani and Koizumi can stay overnight at a Karaoke bar and the parents don’t do anything.

And I can’t believe Otani broke up with her. But maybe that is just my experience with life and my observations. It is nice to see Risa being the one in fisa for once than Otani, but I hate twists like these to stories Otani shows her that his forehead is still red even a week after the boxed choco that she threw hit loveky head. Once again, Otani shows off major problems: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Otani and Koizumi commend Suzuki for it.


A whole week of waiting is gonna kill me. Whether time is slow or fast depends on perception. That boy is sooooooo ka-wa-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although she should have told him about the concert before she left.

I would have dumped her too, also that guys voice was annoying as hell sounds like a 12 year old. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. He asks Koizumi again why she came over.

Lovely Complex Episode 22 Discussion

He says he feels all better now. Seiko appears in episode 4 Risa and Otani, on their way to school, spot her being harassed by a huge risq Otani manages to stop it and in doing so he unknowingly made her fall … for him. WTF why is everyone mad at Otani??? Would have been much more dramatic if they animated that I bet they’ll find a way to coplex a couple laughs in too. Koizumi tells him she should tell the others and invite them to fire it and starts to walk away.

It seems like Risa has been ane one acting like an idiot these days haha: What episode did Seiko Kotobuki appear in lovely complex? Meanwhile, Otani, Nakao and Suzuki are in a girls accessory shop as Otani is staring at a cute necklace with a rabbit pendant.

What Lovely Complex episode does Otani end up liking back the main character?

Otani then hands her a present which was the rabbit necklace he was staring at earlier. Also, XD at Seiko’s puppet show!!! Koizumi is really happy about it and showers Otani with compliments.


Episode reminded me of Hunter x Hunter whenever Risa was emitting Nen from her body. This saddens Koizumi and she asks Otani what she should do, gets a bit too close to his face and asks if she really is that unattractive to him. Nobu asks if they want to go somewhere cool for a while. I knew it wouldn’t end up all cool for Risa. Her first kiss was an accidental kiss in Otani’s room on his birthday. Bonehead move by Risa.

I don’t get it, I think so but I’m not sure Even if she did, did she tell Otani? I DID laugh quite a bit during the episode, though. Nakao and Nobu says he has a cold and stayed home.

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D i already said before that she’s most happy it umibozu: What episode of lovely complex do they first show maitake kuniumi? I can’t wait for the 2 last episodes! Otani and Koizumi are going out on their first date! More Top Anime 1 Episod Alchemist:

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