Those old fogies are stingy. Thanks for the recaps! Now I’m wondering what other dramas this PD has directed and the writer written. Arang and Eun-oh’s actions, meanwhile, are being tracked by the Jade Emperor and Yeom-ra themselves, who fear that events in Miryang are much more horrifying than they appear. He finds Mom sitting outside when he gets home, and he helps her to bed. I find Joo-wal to be pathetic and weak, but not unsympathetic. The 2 cute kids add more color in this drama. That means Eun-Oh is in no way related to Mu Yeon, but he will be able to recognise his mother’s body which Mu Yeon’s soul is inhabiting, is it?

We back up to the hairpin. As soon as he sees her, YD freezes. Thing is I can’t go to the end of the episode to know how it ends cos it is currently airing! Fantasy Horror Period drama Romance. To the writer-nim, thank you for the foreshadowing, but I don’t want it to be just a dream juz for the sake to make EO braver to complete his mission! I’m so happy last nite!!!!! But in order to save the world order, he must do it even though he loves his mother too.. Anyway, it ends tomorrow and i’m pretty sad with the idea of no more Satto:

Reincarnation is a Buddhist thing And most of the finale has been hinted in the other episodes, so there has been no usage of deus ex machina. I was so happy – I was giddy! He sees the moving truck.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Korea Arang and the Magistrate [Bahasa Indonesia]

Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a. She takes out her Jeguk High uniform. And about those reapers? You lost that child today as the consequence of the sword you wielded. Lee Sang-sa has Baekga seized and executed, and thereafter, Arang’s spirit ceased to trouble the epjsode.

Sinopsis K-Drama Arang and the Magistrate Episode () – Pelangi Sinopsis

Lucianabella20 October 19, at 8: Eun-oh tucks Arang into bed, with Bang-wool sitting next to him. I’m always excited about this show! I ain’t for mushiness which is my romance flicks come with a large dose of com or preferably, not at all but it was real cute. He will return her to the life she had before she met him. And is this the incident of mercy that they keep referring to, or is that something else? He sees her, and time seems to stop while hundreds of different thoughts run through his head.


And he is not a serial killer Imo, there was no other way to go but reincarnation if the couple wanted to stay in the human world. And I’m on board with your Choi-theory, I think it’s a revenge deal – mom gets her revenge on Choi though we don’t exactly know yet in what form and evil-fairy gets some other revenge thanks to mom and the body-sharing-deal though we don’t know yet for what and on whom There is no deus ex machina when there are already gods in the plot from the get-go.

Won informs dad about Tan. They kick him to the ground and she kicks and bites and wriggles free. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. That was SO awesome!

Mac September 25, at 8: Before he can explain for who, Tan comes in too, asking HS to look up if there is any country departure sinopss for Eun Sang.

Aww, MS is making me laugh in this stressful episode! Then from EO’s perspective, this is exactly what he had wanted – a simple life with the woman he loves and his mom, giving away the title of magistrate to a person he deems more suitable.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 17

Perhaps Song Joongki’s acting may not be your cup of tea, but he sure does not suck in acting Belladonna September 21, at 8: A verification email has been sent to your new email address. A ,ink wipes itself, then the answer appears. We’ll have Eun Oh as our forever hot Saddo: Can you really not remember?


So young and making her try to nag was just the cutest thing. AATM is such a complicated drama yet an interesting one. Tan is asking his house security people for the CCTV records.

I just find Arang so annoying these days. But thank goodness for the outburst, not that it changes their insistence on not forming an attachment.

At the police station, YD paces impatiently while waiting for ES. Here it’s almost like: I love their relationship so much–they are so natural together. LJK has matured a lot, not just with his looks but with his acting. Mu-young lunges with the knife, but it does no good, and then Eun-oh finally gets close enough to put the hairpin to her heart.

JS asks if he is asking her for a favor.

I’d love to hear how you had envisioned for the ending to be. Not quite clear what Mu Yeon’s past would be that would set up for the final show down and the preciousness of life, but I would have liked the final riddle. Hooliah October oink, at 1: What would be my kdrama experience without you? Kiara September 20, at 6: Join 2, other followers Follow. My heart really goes out to you, to EO. Thank God theres part 2 tomorrow, i want fly kicks, magic fans, old fogeys’ knives, demons, friendly ghosts the whole lot!

I cried, I think mavistrate relief. I was so shocked.

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