I had a job and friends there. I was grabbed by my arms and dragged away. Me in Dubai with him. Kissed by the baddest bidder season 3 by Lexy Eisuke and Freya move to london and as usual, things aren’t going smoothly. But at least Sakiko and Chisato would hopefully start working here to, which made everything slightly better. The Female Bidder of Chaos! Repost from my tumblr page. Don’t you think it was time to move in with your boyfriend?

How will Freya and Eisuke cope? II by cascadedkiwi Oneshot. Can their relationship survive? I could feel warm air against my skin, I could smell exotic scents around me. I have the connections to make that happen. Her reactions are so cute and adorable. I heard the man mumble before I heard his running footsteps.

I work in the Tokyo Tres of Spades in the spa.

I told them what had happened. Eisuke, you remember Chisato and Sakiko. Don’t just run off like that without me. She feels like she doesn’t fit in as the girls bully her until one day Eisuke and baddestt guys showed up as a boy band.

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Hope you like it! I only own Kai, the other characters are own by Voltage Inc. How’d you like to get drunk with me and nidder Dubai? I was finally released and we were allowed to leave the palace. I sigh angrily, so he got what he wanted after all. A New Toy by celestialqueen13 reviews Funny thing, put up for auction again, must run in the family. Baba and Kishi soon followed, I recognised Baba’s perfume and Kishi smelt of cigarette smoke as always.


He doesn’t realise that buying Joy-Anne, a European Ice Dragon can get him into lots of trouble, especially when she turns out to have connections with Soryu Rated: Just In All Stories: I’m Eisuke Ichinomiya, the owner of the Tres Spade hotel. Games Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.

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I’m here to humbly apologise for this accident. We ordered room service and had a girlie night in, it had been ages since we had a good night in.

I wasn’t expecting to see them here, I was hoping to go sightseeing and explore the city with Chisato and Sakiko first. My life was in Japan, I had a job there. For months on end, you could find nothing, despite rumours of thievery, drugs, the mafia and secret auctions. Things start to get complicated but Freya is determined to help Eisuke and become hcapter equal Rated: This will follow the game but will have a few tweaks. I might as well be dead.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Prologue (Season 2)

What kind of amenities does it have? Eisuoe finally arrived back at the hotel in a limo, I hadn’t said a word the whole way back. A Little Sparrow Song by itakethewords reviews Set in ‘Little Sparrow’, where Soryu and Eisuke have a heart to heart and Eisuke makes more sense than the mob boss in matters of love.

It will generate more money than any hotel you’ve ever laid eyes on.

We’ve landed in Dubai. Things have become heated.

No pairing for now, maybe change later. I had lost my sunglasses and white cane, I could seaskn about make out the hotel entrance.


I stepped backwards and tried to pull my hands free but he held on tight. They spoke for a few minutes, and then Nasser stood before me. II by cascadedkiwi Oneshot. The moment we landed, we were jumped by the guards and taken to the palace. Xhapter was going to pay to speaking to me like that. Chapter 1 “Please, let me go. This was merely entertainment before Tres Spade Dubai’s opening. I’m not sure how this is gonna end out though!

I sighed in disgust, I was almost killed, again! The Japanese embassy was here?

Mc is a normal girl surrounded by a group of rich kids in a music club. One year later she’s forced to work with this psycho who happen to be the Mad hatter. At least you get the chance to work in the new hotel and you’ll be living with your boyfriend. But you owe Ambassador Hishikura here! He sounded like quite a nice guy, he seemed young.

This story also followed the game after the main story in season 1 Rated: Can their relationship survive? Repost from my tumblr page. Just In All Stories: It was an international hub for commerce and many corporations from all around the world.

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