If yes then can u send me all manan songs u have? Did anyone see today epi…. I wish to watch the show asap…. Renovation agta ide ala ninna maneyalli…. Saisha its 3 weeks old news……. Meanwhile he secretly looks at Nandhani and is almost about to laugh seeing after seeing her face. Sign in Recover your password.

Last updated Oct 28, All of them are trying to think as to why Manik not listened to them and went away. Thanks minnie and all the best for ur exams.. But whatever anyone says……Parth was looking sooooo cute in those pics. Haha i guess mujhe kabhi inki onscreen dosti dekhne ko milne se rahi! And minnie can u please tell me in which standard do u study? Maddy is sitting on his bike and thinks that Nandhani is not the person she tries to be. Like 0 Dislike 0.

Tatasumam 31st Oct – 8: Sign in Recover your password. Madhiam tells Austad Mukesh that from now on he will do only what he feels is best for him.

Really fantastic and mind blowing. Okay idk whether u trust me on this or not…im supah happy by the latest news u gave!!!!!!! Nange IF comment sa post madlikke ide adre nange agudilla anisuttade…kyy ninne epi matte ivattina epi nodide back to back!! And u… I think i am elder. Radhika 27th Oct – 8: Dhruv and Mukti go to find Manik at his house and Nandhani and Aryaman search in space for him but both the teams are un successful when Nandhani says that she knows where he might be and when they go there they find Manik standing there.


Kabse intezaar kiya tha iske liye! I cant remember exactly. Acha khasa tha tu.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Did anyone see today epi…. Aww…aftr ages m watchin these 2 back dat too fighting!! That is amazing plump. He doesnot listen to him but Maddy comes to him and starts to taunt him and says that he is similar to Nandhani but Aryaman says that he is here to box and then they both start to do it.

Aryaman goes to the gym and two people are discussing about Manik. I wish to watch the show asap…. Aryaman hearing this goes away and then Nandhani hugs him and does not leave him until she tells him all that has happened in these past four months. He says that they have moved on in just four months and forgot him and Cabir.

Nanna board exms 30 march inda start agudu. Nai banaungi yuvi ki shakal!! He starts to punch the bag when suddenly Maddy taunts him.

Nandhani controls her hanger but eventually says that they can do it to her now but she will also take revenge when they will be in a spisode like this. After taking out ther frustration they all have a grup hg where they all miss Cabir and Mukti laisi that they have to party at first Manik dis agrees but eventually give yaariayn and they start to prepare. As they are walking Manik suddenly sees Naviya and goes to meet her he when goes near her he talks to her about the crash site and says that he knows she misses Cabir as they are talking the peon brings her luggage and son.


She says that some magic will happen and he will return. Nandhani goes to Manik and pleads to him to listen but when he turns and sees Aryaman wriitten asks if she has also moved on and gets angry. Saisha its 3 weeks old news……. Previous Page 4 of 4.

Its time for dairy milk party…. I too watch splitsvilla! Aww aaj ka epi awesome ittu!! Mukti says that they should tell him everything and try to win him back. Itne games ka naam suna hai par yeh karela game hi kyun khelna tha!!!!

Sirf kyy nodudu tv yaaryian k alawa i dont watch anythin much! Previous Page 2 of 2.

Really eagerly waiting for this day. In which state it is?? Haye i missed this soo much!!! But I was not sure cuz that photos were not clean bt now I am dammm sureee that it is real.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th September Written Update Written Episode

Ours toh bundles yaaeiyan happiness…that MaNan epi…n all dat had happened…5 days aftr d new year ur bday aadhu. I like sana and uttu…. I just love ur dp!!?? Welcome, Login to your account. Aadhu…frm wen did u start commenting here?? And minnie can u please tell me in which standard do u study? Minnie 27th Oct – 4:

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