All Activity Home jinwoonlove. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. And while she has her aegyo as much as she denies it and proven wrong by Kwon , she is not happy with giving in and saying things like it is. So obviously she would think that JW had tasted JaeKyung’s food before. Posted March 23, My favorite scene today!!

Posted March 27, Now I wonder what did Seulong get! Usually people would still eat it but she just refused to eat it entirely! Thank you very mych.. Posted March 29, Darling, that won’t be a indirect kiss anymore you know Posted April 1, Thank you for reuploading the HD video.

June 13, at 2: I figure later that jinwoon is very.

Dandelion’s Girl : JinWoon and JunHee We Get Married FULL EPS with ENG SUBS

But she was really obvious in how jealous she was. Look at the last part. Posted March 26, mcleen said: So you never thought of marrying me for real? The speech bubbles are what junee said. Just go to the channel to look for the raw video after 7pm KST http: Notify me of new comments via email.


Personally I think our couple was a little cautious today. But I was touched by Kwanghee’s ring gesture!!

It was a short promotion but each member has their own thing to focus on now. Posted March 30, Jinwoon at Seoul Fashion week There are more pictures but the pictures didn’t really turn out well so I didn’t upload everything.

Whether you like the game or not! Follow their Twitter to get the link for each episode. Prev 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Next Page 13 of Posted March 23, Email required Address never made public. Now I wonder what did Seulong get!

Posted March 27, Ep. I’m quite sure Jinwoon noticed her efforts. Posted March 26, Music Core has been cancelled today because of Korea Baseball Season opening.

It’d be good if your members would like them. But it might take some time.


I believe Jinwoon mentioned tt he actually wanted to play a song for Junhee but the moment was stolen by Junhee discovering the ring on Kwanghee’s fingers. She is still a little headstrong there. I’m uploading the recording now. It’s really just for entertainment purposes! However, if u cannot wait, u might want to download the episodes from KSN forum. Darling, that won’t be a indirect kiss anymore you know We will not be providing downloads for Jinwoon-Junhee couple cuts, so please do not ask for it.


He looked like he didn’t wanna let her go didn’t he? In fact it was Jinwoon who said it. Thank you very mych. Maybe during the greeting part and when he told Kwanghee that he had a good wife, that was about it. June 18, at 8: June 14, at 1: When she didn’t answer, Jinwoon’s hands. How should we do this ‘sharing of oranges’? Hi, We are in the process of uploading.

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