With no one around, the Jewelpets must do anything to survive in the island and at the same time endure each other’s sanity. The challenge for them is to make Diana and all the Jewelpets in Jewel Town laugh and the punishment is that they have to wear bald head wigs. Kohaku and Tour revealed themselves and talked about his failures, Coal was given one final chance to redeem himself. Charlotte flew in and hugged Midori in the face, to his surprise that she still has a big crush on him. When Pink accidentally tripped, the boys did their best to save her as well as impress her. Everyone now begs for Ruby to dance and summon the mirror ball as she danced with all of her might, calling all the deco stones while the Kira Deco 5 distracts him.

How will they get the corrupted Deco Stone back and win? As they all settled in, they returned to the Kira Kira Shop to see the statue of Queen Jewelina arriving on the spot as she revived Labra, holding a new Jewel Charm on her paws. Blue Knight Ozaki is currently living with Garnet as her personal “Sheep” in her mansion. Determined to get stronger, he decides to leave Jewel Town to train himself and to become stronger. Back to Pink, she herself is held captive under the Gorilla King’s Palace, caged and only wearing newspaper-like clothing much to her distaste. As both Coal and Opal powers up, they both created a Black Hole that can suck up the planet. Opal is about to be hit by one of the Dark General’s fireballs as Io rushed in to save her.

He received a call from Tour and told him to go to the place where Decoranian is keeping him, in Coal’s hide out.

Coal then goes berserk and starts to destroy the place, but Ruby and her friends tried to calm him down to a couple of places to suit his interests.

Chite, Yuku and Nix.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! – EP 35 Eng Dub

At the Police Station, Midori prepared breakfast jeaelpet both Labra and Angela but being the worst cook, Labra wasn’t satisfied and Angela is eating the burnt toast. One day, both Ruby and Pink paid a visit to Garnet to see how Blue is doing. But for Nephrite, he is starting to develop some feelings for Ruby but tries to ignore it due to his job. Sapphie then counters it with her own Jewel Magic, distracting him while they combined their magic to defeat Coal.


She then started to fantasize her being Saury Riding Hood. The 5 tried to contact the humans through their Jewel Pods, but with no avail due to the signal is out of reach. Opal harshly learned that Coal is nothing but a pawn to the Dark General’s plans to take over Earth using the corrupted Deco Stones. But he saw Labra and Angela hurrying kria him epiosde told him that Midori is kidnapped in the forest.

The second attempt involved Retsu, but again failed. It was a success as the Deco Bus took her to a date all across Jewel Land.

Everyone now begs for Ruby to dance and summon the mirror ball as she danced with all of her might, calling all the deco stones while the Kira Deco 5 distracts him.

Episode 10 Jewelpet Kira Deco! For Blue and Garnet, the two were taking about her being happy with his side until Retsu told him to search.

Ruby appears, being a T-shirt as Pink decides to go to the mall and shop for new clothes. With no options left, everyone were stuck in rpisode really tight situation as Sakuran endured her rocky state.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! ep 33 English Sub – Kissanime

Everyone tried to separate them together with no avail, even with magic until Sapphie told them to endure each other and settle their differences so she can develop an antidote.

Meanwhile, Opal and Io informed to Coal about what happened last time regarding the Deco Stones and decides to plan a counterattack against Pink and the others. As they both move on and started their search, they both saw the tornado done by jewwlpet Deco Stone, even worse, it’s about to wreak havoc in Jewel Town.

But they got all confused as to what the villagers were doing to the jewels they found and worse, they got scared at Ruby and the others whenever they saw them, especially to Blue as he is frozen in stone due to the shock. Black Angel decides to buy a sparkling black one as so does Yamimin, feeling happy with their bond together. He also said that he wanted to shine just like his wife but then had no courage to do so and wants to create a world of darkness of despair to know his true pain.


Views Read Edit View history. Blue took Pink away from the others and made it into a bridge. Retsu tries to snap her while she attacks jewelpeg received an electric shock due to him not following the rules. The two experimented with the food and ended up in failure, as Kiichi told her to learn cooking instead.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! – EP 33 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

At Retsu’s place, he is busy training the rest of the KiraDeco 5 for their battles against the Decoranian and how much Deco Stones they collected so far before the Decoranian stole some. The next day, the gang will again jeweloet for Coal with a smaller search party while waiting for Blue.

The light from the Mirror ball also purified the Earth and Jewel Land from the darkness. But as Pink’s Jewel Pod is detecting a Deco Stone, they oira pointed out to the castle where the said item resides. As the duo crossed it, Pink became scared as the bridge started to sway due to their weight while he confessed his love.

She was then reminded of her feud with pink back then and decides to forget about her as he feeds her with a chocolate, not knowing to the bunny that Kaiser is planning something bad for her.

Garnet however thinks Blue is his sheep, which emotionally hurts him kkra making Garnet sad.

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