Young-do tells Tan to repay him now, and asks that he forgive him for the stuff he said to his mom. Without nursing by anybody even right after delivering new baby, his mother was suffered by high fever. Not in real life? So many great scenes. She might have been his first love, though. My family would disown me, I just don’t get it. You have made me consider other points, and you have clarified for me a few things that I was not sure about, like the reasons why Won had to marry the heiress of the Telecom company.

Don’t leave them hanging and just making us sit there and wonder what ever happened to them. Initially released in by Dharmapatha Creations, the film tells the story of Siddhartha Gautama, Prince of Kapilavastu, situated in Nepal, who I also loved that his father cares for him even if he was a jerk to YD: He has built as a tool of his father’s ambition. Will someone please explain to me why a marriage between Won and the rich girl to save the crown is a good business solution. Which leads to popularity and wealth.

Like Tan said, living in the house is Won’s prison itself.

You are devoid of human emotions. He really wanted the company. Shaktimaan – Episode Ultra Bollywood 5 years ago. And Young Do and his mom. August December 12, at 9: I love the way your dad calls you and your friends, and what it denotes.

With an appearance like a sculpture, wherever he goes, his specialty is in catching the eyes of girls. Did heisr just rebel against his parents and since they couldn’t stop him from going to the army, they just said “Oh ok do whatever you want”? She is so so so embarrassed and upset to be put to ridicule among her friends. He is the hero of this drama?? With most episod the story revolving around them, I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I wanted to.


I really loved this little show. Things just happened without logic and we were expected to make sense of it. The supposed “sex tape” was actually just girls dancing a rather innocent, non-provocative, hula to an old Elvis Presley songand for that, they were all put to death.

I generally watch dramas first on viki heir they are being subbed, then on epdrama to clear up what’s really being said. It will cover a twenty-year span from toand follow the power struggle between three people for control of one chaebol empire. I told you it was creepy: Though I am satisfied with how it ended, I will forever be curious as to what the show would have been like without any changes.

She never doubted her victory about the result, love as well as business. She has become less of a bitch under his influence. The reason to repeat finals in High School, so that he can meet up with her again. There were so many changes and rewrites in the last 6 episodes hard to tell what the original plot was supposed to be. Encounter Episode 5 Udah Keluar Loh!

Legend of the blue sea tagalog version full movie episode 15

He hates to lose and thinks that he’ll be able to have everything he wants in the world since he have both money and power. I just watched that part again and KW definitely said “kids” or “children”, that word means both.

But, she will be a legend. It’s like, if she starts calling him in a friendish way, it takes away the image that he has of her being his unattainable first love. What did I do He had a really big heart surgery when he was young and is now living with an artificial heart in his body. What does he think when wearing such outfits?


[SubIndo] Behinde The Scene eps.4 Kiss Scene Love By Chance Series

For example, I feel KES made changes midway ueirs include less adults and more of the high schoolers. Hyung rose to the place he wanted to rise to. Excuse me while I laugh some more Simone December 15, at 5: It airs on tvN once a week each Thursday and us is hilarious. Hahahaha that’s what I thought. Only mother, Mijoo and new born baby were left with him. SuziQ December 13, at The fact that she was valedictorian of an prestigious school, put spot-light on this pretty chef, pary03.final gave her a chance to appear in television and commercials.

Won is instantly back to sneering at Tan after having just been so pleased at fiftieth place, and Tan drags Chan-young away in a huff for being the cause of hfirs grief. For someone like her who looks at life through a rosy glass, everything is fun and play.

Heirs Korean Drama

Now JS will fight in court for her half of Jeguk, for their divorce proceedings. WMV Most memorable moment in life http: We might stumble again, or kneel again. I always struggled to figure out exactly what it was that she said. I think I heard about “Let’s Eat” – probably on this board – but haven’t seen it yet. Hope it’ll be good.

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