This marketing attitude still exists today affecting many J-dramas produced from s-today which when transcoded into DVD boxsets, have no English subs but Chinese instead. I was surprised to see Ko Chang wavering, almost like he was afraid to die or did not want to see his brother die. Then Gen Hwang continues the morning lecture by bragging: I mean, don’t the writers at some point, think of inserting her back into the storyline? He could have used Ko Mu’s death but the culprit, Murong Chui is dead. I wonder if Doyeong will be too afraid to face the king, Damdeok and the court after what the PM did and might ask Yakyeon not to tell Damdeok where she is or that she’s alive Still evil that he is, but he is now a man with a mission.

If the Houyan has placed Damju under house arrest, and Damdeok is sending his generals to rescue her at all costs, why is it he’s treating a Houyan top general so nicely in his own palace? Damju Jeong-hwa Kim I don’t believe she will have any malign intent to hide the truth purposefully so that she can bump off Doyeong Even though Atsuhime is not that fresh in my memory compared to yours, I’ve tried to answer your questions in the spoiler box below: If that didn’t do the trick, DD added: Do Young Jeong-cheol Park

Or is it more honorable that she chose to support her husband, once she became part of his family?

Share this Rating Title: Don’t even think of pulling even one strand of hair from Damju because if you hurt her in any way, I will unleash my combined Goguryeo-Mohe-Baekje-Silla-Biryeo forces on Houyan and since you’re already being attacked by Beiwei, you know you don’t stand a chance.

The Book of the Three Hans — You’d think by now, Damdeok would be infuriated at the loss of his posse at the hands of Houyan, most of all his own sister, and should declare total war on Houyan – so why hasn’t he?

Also, for the great humanitarian he is, he could not just wake up one morning and decided to attack Houyan.

The scene where Murong Bao told Damju the news of the rebellion being suppressed, in order to calm her fears was a touching one. Do you know who set up the Ooku system of harem for the shogun?

If you were Murong Xi, would you not consider increasing your complement of archers and upgrade their accuracy so that the next time you meet DD in the battleground, your archers can all aim at the big guy in yellow armor sitting on his painfully-looking horse?


The word NO cannot be used on the Shogun if he orders the unfortunate child or teenager related to him by bloodline to get married to an old geezer warlord because one of two things can happen: Add the first question.

I don’t know what he meant by “you’re by my side now. All is well I hope, other than the PC problems. Yakyeon Tae-gon Lee To epizode that it’s not air-talk, DD shows the 4 royal writs color coded no less from each of the 4 annexed Doyeong dies with an arrow to her abdomen.

King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 45 English Sub [1/2]

When PD says ‘jump’, I fly Jeongjo is remembered in Korean history for his sympathy with the harsh conditions his people had I was surprised to see Ko Chang wavering, almost like he was afraid to die or did not want to see his brother die. Story about Kim Choon Choo, who led the unification of three ancient kingdoms – Goguryeo, Baekjae and Shilla – and achieved the restoration of Shilla Kingdom.

But there’s a problem. Did they ever consummate their marriage? Goya In-hye Lee While walking outside the bar where they hung around in the past episodes, Doyeong walks past and hears them talking about the PM and all his men dead.

Now that the series is near the midway point, it’s a good time to shift and get to the core of this series, Gwanggaeto’s reign! She is also currently in a cable dailies sitcom. Ko Chang Ji-eun Oh Of course no one knows whether this Princess Xu looks like a Miss Korea or a professional female body builder with biceps, and legs the size of small tree trunks. The end of the episode brings the King, Damdeok’s father, to state his abdication of the throne to Damdeok, especially after Damdeok’s leadership saved the country from the rebellion.

I think they should have done the deed at least once and it may not have been on their wedding night but months later going by the peculiar Ooku traditions. Since DD is so proficient with that gleaming sword, maybe the general was presented to the King of Wae like a tomato sliced and folded into a pretty ‘rose’ garnish?

They both displayed a quiet confidence as oppose to Damdeok strong and forceful present. Since you haven’t finished the series, I’ll stop here so your enjoyment won’t be lessened. The king and the rest of the guys just forget about this person totally LOL. What I mean is the writers can more easily choose to kill off their ‘fictional’ characters including the ones who have already left like Seol Ji, Ari, Seok Jae? Every woman had a uniform — a thick black broadcloth jacket, stiff black pleated trousers and a black silk cap bound with a white band — and there was a training hall in the palace where they practised.


An enemy general is in Damdeok’s office breathing the same air as DD and it doesn’t occur to the writers that this scenario is totally ridiculous? Koeean showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Damdeok tells Commander Ko that he doesn’t want innocent members of the traitor’s families punished, as there have been too many sacrifices from the internal strife.

This is one of those episodes which was purposely dragged because it took two-thirds of the episode’s duration for DD to make his decision.

Moreover several episodes ago when Damdeok himself was sitting in Houyan’s office, he saw this same Gen Fengba accuse his sister Damju of being a spy. If you haven’t stumbled upon this link below, it may be the only guide about the previous OoKu series Sign up Lost password? They built her character so far as very strong with unconditional love for Damdeok.

Now who says xrama on the fence isn’t beneficial?

King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 45 English Sub [1/2] – video dailymotion

okrean And then wondered if perhaps a hundred years from now, historical K-drama will still be dealing with issues of succession, suffering, intrigue, etc. I am now looking at Fengba differently.

To be fair, that concrete span across the ditch was built to enable only authorised vehicles to move across into the sprawling studio set within This marketing attitude still exists today affecting many J-dramas produced from s-today which when transcoded into DVD boxsets, have no English subs but Chinese instead. Edit Details Official Sites:

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