Kerim, having to go out of town on a special job, wants to bring FG with him. Please don’t put it like that, I’m living the life chosen for me by my parents. If you had time to think, would you take your son and hand him in to the police? I think you shouldn’t call. Pages Liked by This Page. I would never do what she did, she must be a conscientious woman. Kerim works hard at his workshop, and FG continues to work equally hard between Gul Mutfak and their house. Everything they made you go through.

You got us wrong, when I saw your door open I wanted to invite you as well. It was eating my heart out. I like to be a neighbor, be able to sit down for a cup off coffee Who do you think? No one put their hands in their pocket, I didn’t even get a penny from anyone. I brought you hamburger.

She’ll fall asleep soon. Murat couldn’t get used to it yet. I’ll cook it for you and send it for Murat. I’ll leave home at The day will come all of them going to say sorry. Actually it’s a business trip for Kerim but I’m going with him. We have become pals with the police subttles. At the same time, the Yasarans, after losing everything, and coming face to face with the realization that they may all end up in jail, once again reach out to Mukaddes for help. Why is it so hard to defend your self or fight for your own right?

Did you know that no body speaks with me in the block because of her?

I got used to you being abroad half of the week. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 5 Edit Subtitles. Besides, we can shut the doors and go whenever we want.


So you talked about all these last night and episodf didn’t tell me until now Sections of this page. After I finish the high school, I took the University exams but They are now staying as a family in that woman’s house, the one who used to work for them, That’s what you wanted, right?

Nedim might have taken him to the sea side, maybe they sat down somewhere. We’ll be here subtktles next day. Fatmagul finds out once again, that she is not wanted in the neighborhood, with the occurrence of a bitter incident.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help but call you. Mukaddes doesn’t want it in the apartment, she says fatagul stinks the whole place.

I mean her sister-in-law can help us. It’s just faymagul, I don’t want them to tell my father. Not to wake up for at least two hours.

Court hearing getting closer, that’s why he is little nervous. Maybe she did forget subtitlfs and went to corner shop to get it. She wanted to have a stroll around, without the kids getting under foot. We heard about the report when we were at the police station. She says, she is ordering all the lunches for her work place from your kitchen. You’ll do this going to court and telling the truth about the real events.

I don’t want her to feel the pressure of all the weekend’s work.

fatma ep 1

Historia y Personajes El Secreto de Feriha. So we can take a walk in the forest and store some oxygen. Chapter 80 is also available to view online at this site and there is also the option to download for this and all the chapters of Fatmagul of and with english subtitles HQ All chapters of Fatmagul with english subtitles datmagul see them here in fatmagultube.


And it’ll be good if I get to the airport at I hope he will go and tell the truth one after another, when the time comes. I’d gathered all the assistant lawyers together and delegated all the work for them I checked the weather forecast. He wouldn’t do this to his daughter anyway, if he was a man you could reason with.

Meanwhile, meet your new friends.

We don’t know what will come out of the trial yet. I brought you hamburger.

Todos los Capitulos de fatmagul | Fatmagul Capitulos Completos en EspaƱol Latino

He didn’t come here for nothing. Use the following code to embed this video. No one put their hands in their pocket, I didn’t episoxe get a penny from anyone. Why don’t you go play with him? Pages Liked by This Page.

It says it’ll be sunny and clean.

Or else, she will hear about it Kerim, having to go out of town on a special job, wants to bring FG with him. Besides, I hope who ever talk good things about me ends up being happy You got us wrong, when I saw your door open I episodf to invite you as well.

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