Mi Marathi was an entertainment television channel owned by Shri Adhikari Brothers in Marathi language. Ghana and Radha both notice that they aren’t wearing the clothes they had actually bought for the engagement. While toying with his phone, Ghana happens to dial Radha’s number. Member feedback about Saam TV: He owns a business “Gokhale Gruha Udyog” which his grandmother had set up. Starting in the middle of the 19th century, it flourished in the s and s, and includes forms like Sangeet Natak Musical drama and Tamasha folk dance. Mahesh scolds the watchman and leaves him with a warning. Kale that Radha has rejected 71 boys till now.

Dhyana then moves on to Ulka and explains to her the difference between bookish knowledge and the experiences of life. The sets for the show, presenting the houses and interiors resembling that era are constructed at Film City, Goregaon. Vallabh and Digambar come to meet Mahesh. Kuhu expresses her wish in a poetic way. Started in in India Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Marathi-language television channels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television channels and stations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Avinash calls Mahesh and informs him that he has asked someone to make Radha’s horoscope. They have a heated argument. Ganga calls Ghana to inform him that Mayi is breathing her last.

Member feedback about ABP Majha: Radha says that they must do something about it. The first Konkani inscription is dated A. It retains elements of Vedic structures and shows similarities with both western and eastern Indo-Aryan languages.

There were 83 million speakers in ; Marathi ranks 19th in the goshtx of most spoken languages in the world. Devki is helping Radha choose a sari when she notices the bracelet given by her lying on the table.


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Prachi is surprised to know that Radha’s boss Avinash is helping Mahesh peel the potatoes. Cast Shruti Marathe as Radha Dharmadhikari Saurabh Gokhale as Saurabh Dharmadhikari Kavita Lad as Seema Dharmadhikari Sharad Ponkshe as Madhukar Onlinr Plot Radha, an independent, self-reliant woman, is taken by surprise when she ‘experiences love in its most purest and sincere form’ She is a gynaecologist, is self made and has a fledgling career Various dedicated categories like news and movies have been added laghachi have considerably expanded the horizon of Marathi TV entertainment.

Avinash advises Radha to learn to adjust with her in-laws. Shripad Mohan Joshi is solving a crossword puzzle, while his wife Devki Ila Bhate is grumbling over the increased prices and other things. Radha reveals to him that they will have to get engaged due to family pressure. Manav goes away from there. The channel is owned by ABP Group. Kale that Radha has rejected 71 boys till now.

Supriya and Sumukhi enter Devki’s room with a tray of snacks. Ghana and Radha come back and announce that they are willing to get married, leaving their parents astonished. Sangeet Marathi topic Sangeet Marathi is India’s first,[1] Marathi language television channel that plays non-stop Marathi music. Ghana asks her if she ever misses her husband. Prachi sarcastically tells Mahesh to get some bags stitched from the saris which she had brought as gifts. Goshhta using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Prachi and Mahesh are irritated as the caterers are refusing to take the order as they are quite busy. Click here to login.


Ghana is relieved to find Radha’s phone switched onlinr.

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They reached at this level after an uphill battle. An emotional Devki expresses her happiness. They talks about each other’s nature.

Mayi suggests Shripad to take Mahesh’s opinion. Tejaa Devkar also spelled Deokar is an Indian actress who has acted in Watcg language television series and films.

Mayi, Vallari and Surpriya are very happy. Manav hides the ring under his feet while others are searching for it.

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She expresses her irritation about the boy’s side having the upper hand. His pairing with actress Ranjana Deshmukh was popular with Marathi movie fans. Avinash tells him that he will be there in the morning to help him with the arrangements.

Devki is awake, thinking about all the rituals to be done. The women feel guilty, but Ulka tells them that she has already finished her shopping with Rupali.

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Unch Maaza Zoka Marathi: Ulka advises him to take a rational decision. She happens to open it, and is surprised to find Radha’s photo and horoscope inside. Just then he is surprised to see Radha in a sari. In an unusual turn of events, Radha begins to actually care for Ghana.

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