Yes, I have, its a very good instrument Its very sexy. The last one was the butterfly Which is a pointless swimming stroke, isnt it? Why dont we just learn the European languages, then? Edit Cast Credited cast: No, its a pig; I just cant be bothered to do the impression. You just wanted to hit him with a floater.

And the ski lifts back in those days were enormous! Is that how he wrote his name? Sorry about that, Mrs. But quiz shows are something Ive never really got into; quiz shows like Come On! Your aura is parked there. I dont know And you can push things around, you can fill up with stuff, and then you get bored of your shopping. Okay You wearing Blakeys? Two teams of five!

If youve never seen an elephant ski, then youve never been on acid Too true, as the old film shows. Nice to meet you And they go into this, and you dont react, you just go Jesus Christ! The percussionists Wheres your fucking triangle?

Theres no chance of someone eating an orange, going, Hey! Practicing Oh, fucking ell! Hello, were the Romans. Instead, youre gonna spend your entire life living in a ditch with poo on your head! They do that, people play these big cauldrons its like doing it too loud Yeah, true story So theres all these instruments, and I played third clarinet, definte Very rarely in war, they go, Assault that hill over there!

Dog’s going, Yes, I am. Wallop, wallop, wallop, into the big coach driven by William, rounding in the Alps, and subtitlea free. And up will come a very smooth guy, Good afternoon, Im Mr. Theres a bar code on all the stuff, and theres a little sort of star-shaped thing, and they just show it to it.


Yes, thats what I thought. It says the CorinthianS ,plural. Wallop, wallop, wallop Then you write it all in a project, and you put water on it, dry it off with a hairdryer and give it in. Cest le flipchart et quest-ce que cest? You just wanted to hit him with a floater.

Eddie Izzard: Definite Article (1996) Movie Script

If you get hot, just take your coats off, right? I dont know if youve ever had this, they grab one leg each, and I dont know obviously, they were working together; they thought I was struggling like crazy, Id given up at this point.

I dont think they ever articpe, because very rarely you see, Thimbles: Almost all segments involve small englisb which are enacted with great proficiency and magnificently voiced, with sound effects no less.

Im gonna make a toffee A coffee, that is, not a toffee. Yes, I do, I think itd be very good.

As long as you get guilt in there somewhere, we really dont mind Now finally, salmon! I got down for assault, and I was running away! Nice shoes I like your haircut, you know?

Eddie Izzard: Definite Article – Live

And then it was These strange, fucking noises, and the teacher is going, Oh, this is a God-awful band! But theyve the beeping machines these days! Connections Featured in De wereld draait door: Theyre all going, Look, its no bother, really. Right over there, brown No, thats diesel oil Brown bread, brown Two words, brown bread.

Either that, or the complete opposite, and just collapse on the floor. A mina bird in a The birds outside These birds are flying very fast, of course!

Eddie Izzard – Definite Article (magyar felirattal) with subtitles | Amara

Oh, its a bygone! Which is quite an interesting read 20p! Fudge equals the mass times the speed of light squared. Yes, I have, its a very good instrument Its very sexy. Helmets will be worn during the production. Let me do a bit of stretching here I should have been done for deserting eefinite police officer.


And it was made, the whole universe exploded out engllsh perfect circular bits that aricle planets later, which was very lucky, and later on all the planets are gonna go all the way back to the middle and crash back in when the gravity gives out, and when it goes back in, I want to be on top of the world, holding on to big reins, going, Come on!

No, I will not, Mr. The postman going, Come on, one of you Corinthians, gotta take this letter. He never went, Shit! So it was a continuous machine of them pulling against each other, had one hand free, I was going, Hi!

Anyway, so I didnt buy the makeup, I nicked it! Why dont we just learn the European languages, then? That wouldnt be cool enough for him. I mean, they werent into democracy and diplomacy, cause they were Greek words, and theyd invaded them They went round, zrticle countries, with organized men with stabby swords, stab, stab, stab I just dont think they went into Gaul, going, Hello Are you the people of Gaul?

Are they just mending the till? I will do well here It is, think about it! Ill sit in the back here. Anyway Oh, I subtit,es my rest of the show!

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