Their sweet and plaintive song resounded with ease and genuine beauty. Va, la morte sul capo ti pende Jealous of his favorable position with the Queen, her advisors seize the opportunity to push through a charge of treason against him. Queen Elizabeth soprano Carmela Remigio tries to use her power to gain love — with disastrous consequences. Now blind with rage, Elizabeth signs the death warrant. Therefore, the rehearsals for the premier began at the end of August ; and consequently most of the score had to be written in the month following his wife’s death.

Elisabetta, Queen of England. We may step into the world without such tidbits. He denies that he loves anyone Nascondi, frena i palpiti , and then the Queen leaves. Opera Rara Collection Vol 2. The Queen, increasingly jealous, demands that Robert name the woman he loves. As a cannon shot announces Roberto’s execution, Sara rushes in with the ring, followed by Nottingham, who declares he detained Sara so that he might have his revenge.

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She symopsis hopes Robert will return her ring to spare his life. Brian Downen tenor Sir Walter Raleigh Nottingham brings the death warrant for the queen to sign but again pleads for his friend and dismisses all accusations as slander. Added, go to My Music to see full list.

The guards arrive and Robert allows himself to be led to his execution without protest. Before she can leave, Nottingham arrives and reads the letter Non sai che un nume vindice. Robert cannot resist seeing Sarah while Nottingham is out.

Alone in the Tower of London, Robert reflects with regret upon his life of lies and indiscretions.

Roberto Devereux

The central velvet and gold-trimmed panel, serving as rectangular curtain, rose and fell as each situation and scene required, setting the tone of pomp and circumstance of the Elizabethan court. The King’s Speechof course, is hardly the first Oscar-winning movie to be taken to task for historical shenanigans; Patton and Chariots of Fire also come to mind.

She reminds him that he wears her ring, and that she gave it to him with the promise that, if ever he were in danger of his life and sent it back to her, she would spare him. Before he leaves, Nottingham assures Robert he will do what he can to defend him.


But his cool reaction to her talk of their past love increases her suspicions. Act I scena V: Sara receives a letter from Roberto, begging her to take his ring to the Queen, but before she can do so she is confronted by her husband.

Donizetti’s Roberto Devereux

Search all Search scenes Search operas Search roles Search composers. Donizetti himself apparently aimed to reform aspects of conventional opera styles but when he used conventions, he infused these with vigorous and dramatic effect. FLAC 16 bit Open-source format, here at 16 bit i.

The vocal and dramatic demands of the role take the artist from Mozartean delicacy right to the edge of Puccinian Verismo. She is in love with Robert Devereux, her husband’s closest friend. Both Robert and Nottingham are shocked.

When they’re alone together, they both acknowledge that they can never meet again. Elizabeth is mournful about the pending death of her lover and wonders why Sara is not there to give her comfort Vivi ingrato, a lei d’accanto.

He remains hopeful that Elizabeth will receive the ring and pardon him. Donizetti’s ‘Roberto Devereux’ Donizetti’s semi-historical drama brings life to rumors that were already spreading back in the s: When a page arrives with a request from Robert to meet with the Queen, her heart is stirred with a hope that their affection will be rekindled and she agrees to the visit.

In it, he tells her to take the ring to Elizabeth and beg for mercy. As the hit film The King’s Speech has demonstrated, with its multiple Academy Awards, history can be a rich source of dramatic devereu inspiring stories. Deeply offended herself at this apparent evidence of Roberto’s infidelity, the queen is furious. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Now blind with rage, Elizabeth signs the death warrant.


Now furious, Elizabeth is convinced he has betrayed her. Elizabeth doesn’t know who gave him the scarf, but the message proves her suspicions. E Sara in questi orribili momenti During the previous year, Donizetti dsvereux lost both his parents and then his wife Virginia Vaselli delivered a stillborn baby. Act II scena VI: The Queen orders the suspension of the execution, but before anyone can move, a cannon shot announces that it has already taken place. It is handed to her. Nottingham proudly replies her that all he wanted was revenge.

Never did we lose track of the Donizetti sound, complete with the um-pah pah intros and the subsequent melodic richness. The queen warns him that betraying her could have dangerous consequences. We may step into the world without such tidbits. Bagnato il sen di lagrimeand when Cecil arrives at the door of the cell, it is not to free Robert but to take him to his execution.

Thinking he can confide in her, he begins to admit that he’s now in love with someone else — and then, as he sees her anger building, he tries to take it back.

But her spies now bring her evidence that Devereux has been involved with another woman.

Haunted by visions of Robert’s severed head, Elizabeth longs for death. Teatro dell’Opera Roma hide caption.

Apple format, here at 16 bit i. Donizetti was particularly fascinated by Elizabethan donizdtti. Alma infida, ingrato core Humiliated, he doesn’t admit what he knows. Sara is alone when Robert enters, declaring her to be faithless because she has married Nottingham while he was in Ireland. But he still can’t resist a secret, late night meeting with Sara. Duke of Nottingham Sonia Ganassi

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