We will see if Seolnan shows promise. Yes, maybe doing those things would have endeared Myeong Nong to viewers, but would he be a credible spy master if he did any of those things? Since I am quite new to the Soompi world, I had to do some research on the history of soompi. She describes Seolhee to the woman. It is true that she acts decisively, but she does this automatically, she does not have any idea yet of the full extent of the strength of her character. Sure, if you can make summaries, that would be wonderful and wonderful! But she failed reading the Crown Prince correctly.

She wants to join Bi Moon. Hope it comes back sooner than later! Dae Mang sort of became a turning pt for alot of the cast I agree with your comments on the ending. Menu Skip to content. A college student finds a diary detailing a long-ago love triangle involving her mother, her future father, and his best friend. I still remember in the beginning the prince himself tortured the spy and with blood still on his face afterwards. But, Si Young did not want Jae Young to intervene their father’s business.

Their mother, Park Hui Chan’s wife, condemned herself on not being able to strongly oppose her husband. Of course in that instance, she judged them correctly because they did try to rip her off.

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So his wife thought she can make the baby to be hers. I totally fell in love with them and with this drama and it is my hope that someday soon someone who is capable of doing it will add English subtitles to this drama and open the door for more of us to enjoy it better.


Add the first question.

He shares an innocent first love with Yoon Yeo Jin, who he has known since childhood and is a member of the aristocratic class.

My Wife Got Married The mother tells Seolnan that they were captured. Bi Moon needs a girl.

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Hopefully, others will recognize the great talents in this drama and the great chemistry of Jang Hyuk and Jo Hyun Jae. Since she, although belonging to a noble family, had helped a medical doctor oriental – the old man who had worked for poor people, she knew medical treatment.

I still remember in the beginning the prince himself tortured the spy and with blood still on his face afterwards. I guess the writer did not do a good job of evenly spliting the story epsiode across episodes.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I think the script writer has developed the characters and to reveal more as the story develops. Edit Details Official Sites: This is her way in. So, was Myeong Nong really hard-hearted in the way he daemwng with Seolnan in this episode? Just added links to YouTube clips.

He is a warm-hearted guy that always gets episove in trouble. Why should Myeong Nong treat Seolnan any differently from the way he treats other applicants to Bi Moon? I look forward to hearing more from you. I hope you choke on it.


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To stop them, Jae Young told them that he will help Mr Oh be released. But the more important thing is, how does Seolnan see herself? We have been shown in earlier episodes how terrible Myeong Nong can be when it comes to the spy business.

In eaemang episode, Seolhee asked Seolnan what she plans to do after they have caught the bandits whom she believes were responsible for the massacre, Seolnan replied that they will go back to living a peaceful life. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The Great Ambition

But it seems JHJ is portraying him so realistically that it has made some people uncomfortable? Knucklehead hears this and protests that the task is too dangerous for Seolnan, she might even die. In 6 years, all the main leads epispde big stars, right? Bad Guys Always Die

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