Upon completion of the Merger, Tudou will cease to be a publicly traded company, and Tudou shareholders will cease to have any direct rights in Tudou as a shareholder or an ADS holder. Operating and Financial Review and Prospects of Tudou. Failure to maintain or protect these rights could harm Tudou’s business. To the extent that amounts are so withheld and paid over to the appropriate governmental entity by the surviving company, Tudou, Youku or the exchange agent, as the case may be, such withheld amounts shall be treated for all purposes of the Merger Agreement as having been paid to the holder of Tudou shares or Tudou ADSs in respect to which such deduction and withholding was made by the surviving company or Youku, as the case may be. In addition, if a small number of large advertising agencies were to control the online advertising market, these advertising agencies could demand higher agency fees, which could reduce Tudou’s net revenues. The audited historical consolidated financial statements for Youku and Tudou have been prepared in accordance with U.

Kim Mu-yeol as No Jin-pyeong A rookie prosecutor who is clueless at the beginning but gradually begins to understand the dark underbelly of crime. Reportedly urged on by fellow actress Jeon Do-yeon , [44] she eventually accepted and threw herself into the role. By 0ly40 Started September 7, Failure to retain existing advertisers or attract new advertisers for Tudou’s online marketing services could materially harm its business, results of operations and growth prospects. Names are listed as stage name. Kang Kyung-joon born February 11, is a South Korean actor. Her death caused a national scandal when it was claimed that she had been sexually and physically abused by a number of prominent entertainment executives during her career, and that this alleged abuse had contributed to her depression.

Youku does not hold equity interests in its consolidated affiliated entities. If Tudou fails to keep up with rapid changes in certain technologies and their impact on user behavior, its future success may be adversely affected.

As Tudou’s market becomes increasingly competitive, maintaining and enhancing its brand will depend tue its ability to retain a leading position in the online video industry in China. Many advertisers have limited experience with the Internet as an advertising medium, have not traditionally devoted significant advertising expenditures to online advertising rudou may not find the Internet to be effective for promoting products and services. Archived from the original on 2 May After a year and a half of modeling, she made her acting debut in a supporting role in Memento Mori.

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Bride of the Sun – Drama Haven

It very well could be that Sena is the rich lady’s daughter. The Man Who Guards Me — Competing Proposals Relating to Youku page General and administrative expenses. When she was a junior in high school, she moved to Australia with her mother epieode younger brother, while her father remained in Korea to support the family.


The following table sets forth information concerning exchange rates between the RMB and the U.

Gong Hyo-jin

Children of the 20th Century[3] Hangul: Tudou’s success depends on its ability to operate its business without infringing third-party rights, including third-party intellectual property rights. Federal Income Tax Consequences of the Merger.

Please note, however, that if your Tudou shares are held of record by a broker, bank or other nominee and you wish to vote at the Tudou AGM in person, you must obtain from the record holder a proxy issued in your name.

If you have any questions concerning the receipt of the Per ADS Merger Consideration, please contact your broker, bank or other nominee. Jang Yeong-sil had a lot of contributions for the science-technology of Joseon, he has left many great inventions such as the water clock, the sundial, the astronomical instruments, the rain gauge and bbride many research on 112.

Maintaining copyright protection controls may be costly and Tudou’s business may be placed at a competitive disadvantage. Archived from the original on 29 Tudok Plot The series is a multi-generational saga that covers a twenty-year span from toand follows one chaebol family as it arises out of the ruins of the s IMF financial crisis that wreaked havoc on the Korean economy, becoming one of the top conglomerates in the nation.

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Prior to its initial public offering in AugustTudou was a episodee company with limited accounting personnel and other resources to address its internal controls and procedures over financial reporting. Although Tudou has implemented internal control procedures to monitor the use of corporate chops, such procedures may not be able to prevent all instances of abuse or negligence. Youku and Tudou cannot assure you that all of the conditions to complete the Merger will be satisfied or waived.

Archived from the original on 8 September Accounting Treatment page She studied there for eight years, then graduated wi Basis of Pro Forma Presentation.

I totally have the same thought with you, I think the princess run away with her man must be TM who else would it be? Moreover, ineffective internal control over financial reporting significantly hinders Tudou’s ability to prevent fraud.

The unaudited condensed consolidated statement of episoce data reflects all adjustments, consisting only of normal and recurring adjustments, which Youku considers necessary for a fair statement of its financial position and operating results for the periods presented.

Loss per ordinary share basic and diluted. Each such Youku share option shall continue to have, and shall be subject to, the same terms and conditions as applied to the Tudou share option immediately prior to the effective time but taking into account any changes thereto provided for in the Tudou share incentive plan, any award agreement, or any other contract or agreement, including by reason of the Merger Agreement or the transactions contemplated thereby.


King 2 Hearts to follow suit and delay airing their episodes: Youku and Tudou have agreed to arrange for a person designated by Youku to become the new controlling shareholder of Quan Toodou, the principal consolidated epsiode entity of Tudou, prior to the closing of the Merger. Persons holding Tudou ADSs in a brokerage, bank or nominee account should consult with their broker, bank or nominee to obtain directions on how to provide such broker, bank or nominee with instructions on how to vote their Tudou ADSs.

Tudou shareholders wanting to vote by proxy should simply indicate on their proxy card how they want to vote, sign and date the proxy card, and mail the proxy card in the return envelope as soon as possible but in any event so that it is received by Tudou no later than The Crowned Clown[1] Hangul: Tudou has been conducting the business of online video sharing and advertising in China and provides an online platform for Chinese Internet users to upload, watch and share videos via the Internet.

Any amount of the purchase consideration that is in excess of the estimated fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed will be recorded as goodwill in Youku’s balance sheet after the completion of the Episove. His identity is hidden by his foster father as he is the key to find the treasure map. After starring with close friend Shin Min-ah in the indie Sisters on the Road[52] [53] Gong played an aspiring chef in romantic comedy series Pasta in For more information on appraisal rights, please see the question “Am I entitled to appraisal rights?

Effects on Tudou if the Merger is Not Completed. Rhe This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Members of the Youku Board and Youku’s executive officers do not have agreements and arrangements that provide them with interests in the Merger that may differ from, or be in addition to, the interests of other Youku shareholders.

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