Even as it ends in a flurry of absurd plot twists, Blood Work holds you in a vise. The production was filmed in Canada under the working title Phase One , [1] in November and December And, of course, what to do in case of urgent surgery when the body can’t be incised? Nothing special to write home about, but nothing really bad that I need to warn everyone to avoid it. I think that anyone considering taking part in a medical experiment in the near future may think twice about going through with it after they see this movie and witness what could possibly happen when things get out of control. His friend Rob starts out as the shy, intelligent college guy who keeps Greg in line at the beginning of the movie, but by the end he is just another crazed, serum addicted test subject who will do anything to get his hands on his next hit.

Leaving is not an option. Weekend Box Office Results: Blood Work is a routine, but competently made thriller marred by lethargic pacing. It’s hard to put your finger on what exactly is wrong with this movie, because the storyline isn’t bad at all and the pacing is spot on. Greg confronts Wilcox in her lab and learns the truth about the trial: Please enter your birth date to watch this video:.

Greg finds Rob, whose detox was successful in restoring him to his true self, leaving him traumatized by his actions while on the drug. If you’re a big fan of Eastwood, it is still worth a look. Unfortunately the drugs they’re given have all synkpsis of violent side effects which soon become apparent. The horror stuff was the usual zombie flesh eater type of thing minus the zombies or ‘Walkers’ as I believe zombies are now known in the USA.


Whether or not “Bloodwork” was inspired by that horrific happenstance, this one works, big time. Blood Work bleeds with discomfort.

Film Review: Bloodwork () | HNN

Final Oscar Predictions from Experts and Users. Just leave us a message here and we will ysnopsis on getting you verified. A very interesting concept that doesn’t unlock much depth. I would too, for dollars who wouldn’t.

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Not a very good film? It does have the bloodworo moment that could have ended up interesting but again didn’t manage to capitalise on that.

He has a character that begins by looking totally insignificant, but ultimately proving to be important.

Terry McCaleb Eastwood was one of the best and most thorough detectives at the FBI’s Synopis California office, until a massive heart attack sidelined him from police work for good. I assume that after the first hour I could barely pay any attention to this, but I tried my best to try to like it.

Blood Work

Great effects and lots of gore including an awesome decapitation with no cut away. Therefore I recommend you look elsewhere, no point into watching something that was made long before, not even at the same quality.

Greg confronts Wilcox in her lab and learns the truth about the trial: Edit Cast Credited cast: The pivotal teaser is a numerical code that bloodwork experts but gets cracked in one curious gaze by a schoolboy. Nigel Denton Amara Zaragoza Derric Nugent as L.

Jan 6, Rating: I4″ Rumors, And More! Was this review helpful to you?

And besides, he adapted perfectly to the character and to what he asked of him as an actor. I would recommend it for anyone who likes great old school horror flicks. Wanda de Jesus fulfilled what was asked of her, and gave the film a romantic and feminine touch. McCaleb agrees to take on the case, but he quickly discovers his weakened physical condition makes the rigors of handling an investigation far harder and more difficult than its ever been before; he also can no longer drive a car, and must persuade his oddball friend from the marina,Buddy Noone Jeff Danielsto ferry him around town.


Jul 23, Rating: Wilcox has a crisis of conscience and decides to pull the plug on her experiment. The ending could have been better; but this was a cool movie for a B horror film.

Overall, the film had a nice directorial style that was creative, but subtle enough to not take the viewer out blodwork the picture. I cannot imagine this happening in real life. The patients rebel en masse, desperate for more of the drug.

I also liked the characters. I liked the idea of what the doctor was trying to do with the test eynopsis as I think that initially she did have good intentions when she first started injecting them with the mysterious serum, but as often the way in such cases she eynopsis goes nuts and loses sight in what she was trying to do that would have bettered mankind.

Leaving is not an option. Aaron gets the crap scared out of him when he is just doing his job.

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