A few days later Anna follows a woman she believes had something to do with the screaming on the baby monitor. This results in a big case of mistaken ghost identity. I’m not accusing the creators of ripping it off, but I couldn’t help seeing some similarities between the two. Welcome to NP film reviews page. Uploaded by lauwaikin1 Uuendan pevikuid paralleelselt nii siin kui ka enda profiili all. While the two eat, there is a knock at the door.

Views Read Edit View history. The film is not like you think it will be, so this is not your standard thriller. Helge runs into the apartment, to see Anna sitting on the windowsill with Anders’ arms wrapped around her. Babycall is a strange movie, and while some might find it a bit slow, it is quite rewarding if you watch it ’till the end. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Watched it with my sister tonight.

Later Helge is told that Anna’s husband killed Anders years ago, and that her husband had killed himself as well. She then realizes that the scream must be coming from another monitor babyclal is sharing the same frequency.

Mainly because it’s just filmed in a very plain way like in “Dead Man’s shoes”. I liked the premise, a mom and child placed in protection to avoid being in reach of the child’s abusive father.

Helge is there and seems to be having a flashback. But the movie plays fast and loose with what’s real and what’s not. When she records the baby monitor and plays it back to Helge, all he hears is a child moviw.

Dracula is a vampire. That once you rewatch it with knowledge of the ending, things will make sense. This emptiness, poverty is omnipresent in the movie as the family gets into their apartment without anything.

Always worthwhile and interesting to get sucked into his stories. She again plays an unstable single mother, but this time of a grown boy, not a baby girl.

Should get on to that….

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She’s been found in a fugue state in the parking lot, unable to account omvie herself. Almost the whole movie is like one big constant nightmare and there are a few elements of Polanski’s apartment trilogy there obviously.


This trick of sowing doubt about a character’s existence by only showing them in the presence of a character whose sense of reality is distorted is well known.

You will have to explain those things to yourself or leave it be. She get’s the idea of buying a baby call so that her son doesn’t have to sleep in her bed, only to find that the baby call picks up another troubled child somewhere in the flat.

The end is her with her son finally and enjoying moviw lake together like the son wanted AND plotted throughout the movie with the other boy who had his own agenda. Whilst joining Anna for supper one evening, Helge meets the nameless boy and assumes it to be Anders, whom he hasn’t met.

Overall, disturbing but OK. When she takes him through the woods and to the lake, it turns out to be nothing more than a parking lot.

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She dives in to find the body, only to have the film cut to Anna in a hospital, being told by a nurse that she was found in a parking lot, but with wet clothes. The significant parts here involve a drawing and a lake. For instance, Noomi Rapace’s character sees a lake where there is in reality a parking lot.

A good “mindfuck” movie needs to convince the viewer that it played things straight and genuinely tricked you using clever misdirection. Thinking about it even though I don’t like the way our main actress is portrayedmakes me like the movie even more Anna moves into hiding in a shabby flat in an apartment building outside Oslo, with her young son Anders.

That feel like cheating, like instead of thinking the story through – the real work was left to us spectators. Was that him that really drowned in the lake? More and more, the tides are turning against her and she faces some serious decisions. She is left to wonder if it’s her imagination or if the horror she is hearing is real.


Helge rushes down the building, sees Anna on the ground, but no Anders. Babycalk Rapace moves in to a new place, the big apartment block, after she and her little son have been victimized by her husband. Wonder why nobody didn’t compare this to the Japanese horror classic “Dark water”.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While the two eat, there is a knock at the door. So at the point of time when the film takes place, for both of these damaged characters, although they may not have been actively searching for a friendship, it is something they both desperately need. She sees Ole and hurriedly leaves the flat to evade Ole.

movoe There is some of that in this one too. But what about the very end scene? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Anna sees someone drown a young boy in the lake. There is lot of over-acting. Retrieved from ” https: If a lot of French live like this it’s social urbanismI have never experienced this and in a way, i feel really attracted by that.

Helge movir that the signal can be picked up from a similar device in the neighborhood. Well, first of all, Norway isn’t NYC. We are as confused as Anna is, since several landmarks we saw before along the path to the lake, are still on their original spot and look undisturbed.

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