The balance is so called because in early clocks there was no circular rim. The first movement shown here is a savonnette layout with the small seconds on the dial at 6 o’clock. Very light scuffs is all we can find wrong with this vintage beauty. Each tick is half of a complete oscillation expressed in Hertz Hz , the number of complete oscillations it makes in one second. There is a ratchet in the keyless work that allows the crown to turn in the anticlockwise direction which makes winding easier; you don’t have to release the crown and re-grip it at each turn. The most common is the micro regulator invented by George Reed described in the next section, but there are dozens, possibly even hundreds, of different designs of micro regulators based on the use of a screw thread. This mark is not recorded in the Glasgow records that still exist, but Philip Priestly identifies it as similar to marks entered at the London, Birmingham and Chester assay offices by Frederick Wright of Coventry.

The frequency at which the balance oscillates is determined by its rotational inertia and the strength of the balance spring. The case on both are the same, compare the pics. The opposite happens if the temperature rises. The Borgel case was expensive so it was only used with top quality movements. Once your payment has been processed, you will immediately be able to place your bids again as normal. Now to the comparison This one is on a nineteenth century English pocket watch with a fusee movement and lever escapement. With a key wound going barrel, you turn the barrel arbor clockwise to wind the spring in towards the centre of the barrel, and the spring uncoils outwards as the barrel also turns clockwise driving the train.

About Watch Movements

Beguelin, Damas Longines The friction between the cannon wxtch and the centre arbor is increased by lightly tapping the indent with a punch to make it grip tighter, or decreased by broaching the hole in the cannon pinion.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my Contact Me page. All mechanical watches need a service every few years to clean out old gummed up oil and replace it with fresh.

Old watches with less than fully waterproof cases should be cleaned and oiled every three or four years, more modern watches with fully waterproof cases can go longer, five or six movemnet, or even as much as ten years for watches with co-axial escapements.


Explore More from this Seller. See All – Material filter. Check out our FAQs. Once the shock is is over the springs return the jewels and pivots to their correct positions. Switzerland Shipping via UPS standard shipment. Bywhen Verneuil died at age 57, his process was being used to make 10 million carats of rubies annually. Fontainemelon 1 Fontainemelon 1.

The type of regulator with just a simple straight lever, the type shown in the first photograph above, was invented and patented in by Joseph Bosley, and is hence called a “Bosley regulator”. The fourth wheel is usually arranged to make one turn every minute. A modern mechanical watch can be bashed about with gusto, and some owners take pride in wearing a watch that shows scars from trekking, mountaineering or diving.

It shows signs ofVERY minimal use with. Turning the key moves both the minute and hour hands.

Watch Movement Identification

Note that the setting lever screw is an exception to the rule about screw placement, it can be in different places in stem set and pin set varieties of the movemejt movement, or absent altogether if the keyless work is negative set.

Marine box chronometers could not achieve the required level of precision in their timekeeping without it. In fact, it seems that although Hooke had been working on applying springs to watch balances for some years, it was Christiaan Huygens of the Netherlands who first came up with the idea of using a spiral balance spring, and it seems that watches with spiral balance springs and the type of rack and pinion regulator shown here were made by Thuret in Paris for Huygens before qrfs Tompion’s watches, so this should really be called Thuret’s regulator, but I doubt that this will happen!

This not only results in inaccurate timekeeping but can also damage the escapement.

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In later years the brand name “Damas” was used prominently in advertising and on movements. This is fiddly and requires an eyeglass, a small circa 0. When the pin set is released the return spring pushes the yoke and the sliding pinion back into the winding position. It is placed where it is normally underneath the barrel bridge and completely invisible until the movement is dismantled. The pipe that carries the minute hand is what gives the cannon pinion its name.


Too tight and the spring will kink when the regulator is moved, too loose and the part of the spring between the regulator and the stud can flex, upsetting the consistency of the timekeeping.

The point of attachment and number of turns of watxh balance spring affects the frequency of oscillation for different amplitudes of vibration, which inevitably occur when the watch is in different positions. The frequency at which the balance oscillates is determined by its rotational inertia and the strength of the balance spring. This is to avoid the high torque caused when the mainspring is wound tightly around its arbor.

It produces flawless crystals that are so clear they can easily be mistaken for glass imitations. I expected to find some discussion of the design aspects of their use; finish, tolerances, the appropriate type of jewel to use in each place, etc. The picture here shows the general arrangement, the part to the right is supposed to resemble a Movemeny cross, which is where movemet device gets its name from. Production started in June and the Incabloc trademark was registered by the company in Switzerland on 6 July There is enough elasticity in the materials to allow the jewel to enter the hole without shattering, and it is then held in place by friction.

The Swiss combination of steel wheel and steel cylinder didn’t suffer nearly so much from this problem, although dust in the oil will still cause wear over the years.

Colibri More from this Seller. The feature of the cylinder escapement that caused so much objection to English watchmakers is that the escape wheel is always held in contact with some part or other of the cylinder.

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