Lissa’s profile caught my attention. Wed Aug 14, 5: I have collected direct links to each of these particular videos that you can now directly download to your own computer and watch them in true high quality! One incredible feature of 4Woods dolls is the extra softness in all of the right places, such as breast, stomach, butt and vaginal area. I noticed Lissa was still sitting on the bed bald. I have been watching for each new instalment.

Wed Aug 14, 3: Is where she is on all fours in the dogie style position. She is absolutely delight to kiss or just rub checks with. But she is still a fantastic model. Although I’ve only had Lissa a little more than a week. Here you can see what lissa looks like without the A.

Here is a recap on some of the photo shoot Lissa and I have done over the past year Hole insert installed Here is Lissa with the A. Sun Oct 05, 4: Finally down to her feet.

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I want to thank you for this year and your loyalty. I looked back at her exposed body and admired her for a moment before proceeding.

And she doesn’t even have the soft stomach feature. The pictures below are of Lissa a 4Woods A.


However it wasn’t till a recent visit to the 4Woods USA office last month. Out of curiosity I coll grabbed the box off the bed and opened it. Now, I know you all are very anxious to know how Lissa is sex wise. He sold his previous doll […]. This option is great for holding items or even giving 4soods.


One of my favorite things to do besides taking pictures of my dolls, is creating story lines!

At first I found her insert to be a little difficult to enter. In fact just the other day while I was watching a movie. Thu Dec 22, 1: Even with the most experienced doll owners. However the same amount of pressure that was applied in the previous pictures was also applied here!

4woods ヘッド softface –

She becomes instantly irresistible. However powdering her does seem help make her a little more smoother. I then removed Lissa’s head from the smaller box and united it with her body.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this update review of Lissa one year later. I don’t think I’ll be putting her in that pose very often if ever again!

Are you getting yours? Just click on the links and save videos to your computer. I noticed Lissa was still sitting on the bed bald.

Yes, Doria is my moviie slave. Tue Sep 30, 4: Not only that but she is also a great doll to lay in bed and cuddle with. Lissa has the soft face feature.


If for some reason that doesn’t work then right click on the eoll and choose “Save Link As One of my favorite poses I like to do with Lissa is a very basic one.

But once I was in OMG! But when you buy a real hole cap from 4Woods you will actually get a box of two. Honoka is another variation of the new DollHouse series for the cm model: Wed Aug 14, 3: She is very careful with her body, and it is visible. Several have mentioned that they really like how Lissa looks with the real hole cap.

You had already seen the girl with a […]. However I recently had some extra free time and decided to have another go with Lissa. But now that I had found the insert I was not sure what was move that little white box.

In the dokl below Lissa is demonstrating how she can hold a rose! Huge Butt Katrina I know you […].

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