We have a theory that most of us secretly love a problem. Yes, we forgot too. We were wrong and he admitted to cheating on Lucy with several women. Ella meets Julius’ ma, there’s stress at the spa and Sam’s throwing arm is at the bar. Binky and Alex were love’s young dream kinda for two years until his constant cheating became unforgivable. Naturally, we have many questions about Julius. If not, we have all the reasoning you’ll need.

She is terrifying and would probably throw said Peroni all over us because our nails didn’t match our handbag. Hugo invites the group to a day of country shooting. If I looked up ‘friend’ in the dictionary, I would not be surprised to see ‘Alexandra “Binky” Felstead’ written in bold. Don’t worry, here’s a confusing jungle themed trailer that in no way explains what’s to come in season It’s not the impeccable and rather ubiquitous Valencia filter to blame for the dewy skin We will probably never know for sure. Snapchat username jamielaing Note:

Though Ollie Lockeowner of the biggest heart and shiniest hair in Chelsea, has said ta-rah to arguing with fellow Chelsea-ites over brunch, we still cheleea with the hope he returns to Made In Chelsea.

Made in Chelsea: Croatia – All 4

Sam Prince does a speedy coffee dash, Toff’s diamonds are worth lots of cash and Ella might be about to do something rash! James Taylor stole Frankie Gaff’s. If you’ve been watching closely, you’ll understand why. Sam wahch again with his ex, Harry continues to vex, and we learn how to thank someone for Vegas sex. Ella is only 19! Snapchat username imlucywatson Note: Sophie is back and she’s promised to bless our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners.


Lucy would call us up on that mqde when we were 13 and lied to our science teacher about losing our homework. We have a theory that most of us secretly love a problem.

Binky and Alex were love’s young dream kinda for two years until his constant cheating became unforgivable. But how much do you really know about Rosiethough?

Naturally, we have many questions about Julius. Snapchat username VictoriaBH1 Note: Ollie confides in Binky the real reason he 4pd up with Gabriella and how his life is about to change dramatically. Friday evening drinks would probably have us invited to her next trip to the Maldives. With his CV brimming with hard partying, hangovers and confessing to everyone he loves them, he is the perfect man for the mafe.

The dazzling Jamie Laing is one of Made In Chelsea ‘s longest serving members and, is arguably, it’s most well known. Will sparks fly when Ollie runs into Gabriella? View Gallery 24 photos.

It did not go down well Well we had a chat with him and made total dicks of ourselves. South West London is full of posh personalities, but which MIC cast member is madd spiritual guiding light? Hugo and Spencer organise a surprise trip to Cannes to celebrate Caggie’s birthday, and with Millie by her side the foursome explore the millionaires’ playground on a luxury yacht.


We don’t know if it’s platinum blonde hair or his effervescent personality but he is pretty much the sun personified. Steph has seduced 23 chflsea olds with a plate of oysters, giving zero fucks in the process. Oh Made In Chelseahow we love thee. Binky and JP return from their babymoon and Jamie reveals he’s cheated on Franks. The cracks in Funda and Spencer’s relationship continue to grow, and a surprise trip to Cannes for Caggie’s birthday pushes Spencer to make a heartbreaking decision.

This is a judgement free zone. We asked the girls some of the questions you guys have been asking us and got them to sort everything out. View Gallery 17 photos. Take our quiz to find out Jaime and Lucy Watson? Sam has boat based confusion, Sam Prince experiences a lunch date delusion and Frankie and Biscuits reach a conclusion.

Made in Chelsea

The lads turn up looking like lumpy, sweaty, supermarket workers and holiday reps, if they put chelses on at all. Like, besides the fact that she’s for the most part BFFs with Binky and Louise, and can be relied upon to fill those awkward silences with whatever’s on her mind?

They even have a baby girl India together.

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