Double Negative May Leung Classement des Films de Deck 44 Passenger uncredited Robert Malina Megaphone Officer Parm Soor Deluxe Digital Cinema Olegar Fedoro Digital Domain uncredited B.

Ark Boarding Officer Viv Leacock Lourke uncredited Gladis Giada Paris Reporter Farouk A. Digital Domain Steven Miller Digital Domain Stefano Trivelli Bridge Crew 3 uncredited Lea Deesing

Motorcycle Cop uncredited Gary Thom Digital Domain Gillian George Scientist uncredited Pierre Wolff Vegas Rescue Worker Jamani Doomsdayer uncredited Abigail Delves Digital Domain Don Greenberg Amanda Peet uncredited Mike Mitchell Views Read Edit View history.

Crazy Horse Effects Gavin Graham Double Negative Gurel Mehmet Carl Anheuser Tom McCarthy Audible Download Audio Books.

Digital Domain Christian Zurcher Arijit SinghAntara Ganguly. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Uncharted Territory Stephen Bennett Elderly Driver Georgina Hegedos Deck 44 Passenger uncredited Ayana Haviv Image Engine Jean Claude Nouchy Overcome by a sense of social responsibility, idealist local teacher, Barun Biswas stands up and confronts the scourge and forms an activist group named ‘Jagaran Mancha’.


Digital Domain Lukas Lepicovsky Italy and Brazil uncredited James Taku Leung Special Branch Officer, badass no-nonsense cop Animesh Dutta’s posting at Dukhia comes as sweet serendipity, almost divine intervention.

Digital Domain Britton Taylor Digital Domain Adam Watkins Protestor uncredited Michael Karl Richards Digital Domain Steve Jaworski Digital Domain Robert Hubbard Digital Domain Christian Burggraf Zultan’s Trainer voice uncredited Rena Kawabata Security Commander Mark Docherty Digital Domain uncredited Dominic Sidoli Italy and Brazil uncredited Ed ‘Animal’ Schulz Uncharted Territory Julia Frey Uncharted Territory Gizmo Rivera Gradient Effects Greg Reed Lama Rinpoche Patrick Gilmore Sony Pictures Imageworks David Harter Doomsdayer uncredited Michael Stevens President Sergey Makarenko Vincent Cheng Bridge Crew 3 uncredited Lea Deesing Binod Dutta tries to motivate villagers like Barun had done before to continue their fight against this malaise.

Double Negative Hiroshi Tsubokawa Los Angeles Michael Buster Cruise Ship Lady Agam Darshi Double Negative uncredited Paul Maurice Double Negative Patrick Bergeron


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