You Tired Yet?


It’s now 11:00 at home, and I’ve been on this plane for 8 hours already, with another 8 to go.  While you’re sleeping in your own bed, I’ll be going in and out of consciousness in 7D.   Thankfully I’m in a lie-flat business class seat, so I’ll manage just fine.  It’s kind of like sleeping on a very firm couch, which is infinitely better than being propped-up in coach!  :)  Y’all rest well, and I’ll check-in tomorrow morning from the other side of the planet.

PS  Even after doing this many times, it still blows me away that I can get on a plane, watch a few movies, sleep a bit, and wake-up literally on the other side of the world (12 hours ahead).  I’m looking forward to a time when make the trip even faster, but these long-range airliners are truly modern marvels!

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