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I Saved $250 in 12 Hours


I’m getting ready to take a trip to New Jersey again.  When I looked at airfare last night, it was $450.  But thanks to Bing Travel I knew to wait.  When you give them a route/date combo, it gives you pricing but also tells you whether to buy now or wait.  They said to wait, saying they were 80% sure the fare would go down by $150+ in the next week.   There were plenty of seats available on the flights I was looking at, so I gambled and decided to wait.  Thanks to a spectacular FareCompare iPhone app, I got a push notification this afternoon that the low fare for my selected dates was $199.   The only possible catch is that my particular timing needs might not match-up with the lowest fare.  But in this case, every combination I found was $199!!!  They say knowledge is power, and in this case knowledge is also cash in hand!

When I look at Bing now, it says to buy…with a 92% confidence that the rate will rise by $270-363 in the next 7 days.  Having made this same trip countless times, I know that $199 is the best I can possibly hope for, so I booked with confidence that I did the best I could.

Give this a try with your next trip.  You stand to save a lot of hard earned dough!

Farecast is a great tool that was acquired by Bing Travel