Made It To Tokyo


An early alarm had me up at 06:40 for a shower and last minute packing.  The car showed-up early, at 07:40, and waited patiently till I was ready.   Being MLK Day, the roads were nearly empty and we made record time to the airport.  There were no lines at security.  I literally walked right-up to the TSA agent who checked my ID; at 9:00…felt very strange.

I settled down in the Sky Club to get some last minute work done.  I had some OJ and a bagel, made some phone calls, downloaded some files, etc.

Boarding was uneventful.  We were a few minutes late pushing back from the gate due to delays in loading cargo.  Then even after push-back we sat for quite a while, and finally had wheels up at 12:18, about 45 minutes late.

Before long the stewardess brought out some mixed nuts and a cocktail. Lunch service started about a 45 minutes later. It started with a salad, some cold soba noodles and scallops (yum!), and a spicy Thai soup.

Soup & Salad

For the main course, I had some roasted chicken, spaetzle, carrots, and green beans. There was some kind of cream sauce for the chicken that I dipped, rather than poured. The South African pino noir went down nicely. A hot fudge sundae completed the meal.

Roasted Chicken & Veggies

During lunch I started watching The Informant, but it just didn’t hold my interest.  So then I watched District 9.  That was whack.  I kept thinking that there was some deeper message about how we do (or should) treat outsiders…but I never really saw that.  I caught myself dozing near the end, so maybe I missed the light bulb moment.  Somebody fill me in if you found the movie to be more profound.

I decided to get some sleep, so I dozed for a couple hours.  About 19:30 I got up to stretch a bit, and got a snack.  They had a cold roast beef plate, but I wasn’t really hungry for something heavy like that, so I just grabbed some peanuts and a coke.  I really like the air map on Northwest.  On most airlines the map keeps changing, zooming in and out, and showing you the outside air temperature, etc.  But here you can keep it on a screen that shows your location, at whatever zoom level you like.  Sweet.

Snack & Map

After dinking around a bit, making some notes, etc.,  I watched Up.  What a great movie!  Gotta love Pixar.  Next I watched The Office episode when Jim & Pam got married; such a classic.

I napped for about an hour again, then had steak for “breakfast” at midnight, along with basmati rice, carrots, some fruit, and some kind of mocha desert.

Late Nigh Dinner

Despite a late start, we got into Tokyo early.  I breezed through immigration, my bag was on the belt when I got there, and I walked through customs with no issues.  This allowed me to catch the hotel bus an hour earlier, which was very nice.  The bus line goes from the airport to about a half-dozen downtown hotels.  It’s about a 45 minute ride, and cost about $30.  I got settled in the room and tried to call home to check-in, but had difficulties with my phone card.  I’ve had good luck with this AT&T prepaid card in the past. I just dialed direct from the room; I’m sure that’ll be a nice surprise at check-out.

After I had some time to relax, I joined my colleague and we had a meeting with a local business partner.   They had already eaten, but I had some grilled beef and soba noodles. We had a couple beers, and I finally ran out of steam. I crashed about 10:00 local time (24 hours after leaving my house), and woke-up at 03:30; wide awake. I’ve spent the past 5 hours working, blogging, talking with the fam on Skype, etc. I’m going to go get ready for the day. It’s going to be a long one, but I think I may sneak in a nap at lunch. *fingerscrossed*

Finally, here’s a map that shows our flight path, and if you zoom in on Tokyo you can see the bus route.  Apparently we drove right by Tokyo Disney, but I was on the opposite side of the bus and didn’t notice.

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  1. Chris says:

    Your trip over can’t hold a Canon compaired to Ed’s. No babies and you slept. LOL

  2. Chris says:

    Really cool map BTW!

  3. Jim Helton says:

    Very interesting!

  4. Ed Selby says:

    Regarding your in-flight food…

    BITE ME! :)

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