Layover In Tokyo


I saw Mt. Fuji from the air!  :)  I love sitting by the window, so I can see the world go by.  Generally I see lots of “typical” landscapes, and a lot of clouds.  But every now and then you get to see something spectacular, like this!  Sorry the photo quality is weak.  The skies were very hazy, and this took some pretty heavy processing to get to this point.

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji and the city of Fuji to the south

The flight was uneventful.  Since I had already used one of my upgrade certificates for the upcoming NRT-HNL flight, I asked if any upgrade inventory had become available…and it had!  This was a former Northwest plane, now with Delta paint job.  Today is actually the last day that any flight will have a Northwest designation; they’ll all be Delta.  I hope that goes well.  I’ve much preferred the NW website when booking these Asian trips, but the NW ticket agents have been less than helpful (and barely cordial) when I have any situation that’s at all unusual, while Delta has always been great.

I’ve been struggling a bit to finish reading Atlas Shrugged, so I read for a while on this flight.  I’m right in the middle of Galt’s big speech.  Just wow!  I’ve got a man crush on this dude!

Post-Departure Snack - rice crackers

Lunch was a choice of chicken-something or beef “bulgogi”. I’ve had bulgogi in Korea (its origin) and the US (via friends who lived in Korea), and this tasted very different. The beef wasn’t bad, and the roasted garlic was awesome! The empty plate eventually had garlic bread on it; definitely non-traditional. The pink stuff was raspberry mouse, with a chocolate piece on top.  You’d never find that in a Korean restaurant either,  but YUM!!!


We ended-up without a standard jetway, and needed to take busses from a remote portion of the tarmac to the terminal.  But they wouldn’t let us off the plane immediately, despite the fact that the busses were sitting there.  After about 10 minutes of waiting the captain said that they weren’t telling him why.  We eventually learned that they required a local Delta gate agent to be present for us to deplane, and for some reason it took them forever to get to us.  We ended-up sitting there for 30 minutes.  Thankfully I didn’t have a short connection.

I’ve got three more hours to burn here in the Narita airport.  I’m going to work on the blog a bit, then try to catch a cat nap.  Onward and upward!

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  1. Chris says:

    This might be the best part of work. True you didn’t get the walk on the “hill” but you got to see it for yourself.

    I was working the Bulls game for Jordans last shot. Sure there are much better pictures of “the shot” but I was there to see it. Now get back to work.

    Can’t wait to see more of your travels.

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