Isn’t It Incongruous, Don’t You Think?


They say you shouldn’t drink the water in China, and I think they’re right.  Even the locals don’t drink water from the tap without boiling it.  Maybe this is why tea is so popular.  In any case, I found it rather amusing that the drinking glasses in the hotel bathroom were right next to the sign that says not to drink the water.  So what exactly is the glass for?

Thankfully the hotel provides you with a couple bottles of water every day.  In public places, there are no water fountains.  Instead they have “drinking water stations” that dispense drinkable water.  You can usually get hot water there, too.  It’s odd how many Chinese like to drink plain hot water.   Ick.

PS  Am I the only one that finds it gross for the drinking glasses to be right by the sink?  When you’re washing your hands, dirty water sometimes splashes a bit, and could easily get on the glasses.  Who wants to drink from a glass that 1) was probably only washed-out in the sink anyway, and 2) has been sitting there being indefinitely splashed  by God knows what.  Pass, thanks.  I much prefer the individually wrapped plastic cups in the cheap hotels I usually stay in.

Here's a cup, but don't drink the water.

3 Responses to “Isn’t It Incongruous, Don’t You Think?”

  1. Stu Haluski says:

    The glasses are for who would complain if there were no glasses for them to drink from despite the warning…in other words glasses for the idiots…

  2. Ed Selby says:

    Ah yes, the joys of drinking hot water from the small juice glasses.

    Stu, one is only an idiot once in China as far a drinking the water goes.

  3. Megan says:

    Ewww, I never use unwrapped hotel glasses, you don’t ever know how they were cleaned. I like the plastic wrapped too, however, I usually bring a water bottle and coffee thermos as well.

    Love the photo! It’s always funny to see things that don’t seem to go together.

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