Delta Travel Treats


On a recent flight I decided to try one of Delta’s two snack packs.  The Travel Treats are a bit heartier.  Delta says “This tasty selection of snack items contains an assortment of chips, Jack Link’s beef nuggets, crackers, cheese, dried fruit, cookies, and candy.”  The other choice is the Flight Delights (which I haven’t tried yet) which are a bit higher on the hog; “A deliciously healthy and high-energy collection of bagel chips, Asiago cheese spread, olives, pomegranate-vanilla glazed cashews, dried cranberries & pineapple, and Swiss chocolate”.

Delta "Travel Treats" snack pack. Not a bad way to spend $5.

The contents of Delta's "Travel Treats" snack pack.

The contents were:

  • Potato Chips:  pretty good; thick and crunchy.
  • Beef “nuggets”:  These were actually pretty good.  I always wonder what they’re allowed to call “beef”, but the ingredients list was very short, which is typically good.
  • Dried Fruit Snack:  I didn’t try this; not really a fan.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate:  You either like it or you don’t but you’ve all tasted this before.  :)
  • Cheese & crackers:  see below.
  • Chessmen Cookies:  You can’t go wrong with Pepperidge Farm cookies.
  • Mints

I love cheese, so I was excited to see some in the box.  But I was scared when I looked closer.  Gouda “style”?  It’s either gouda or it’s not.  So what is it?

"Gouda Style"

As it turns out, it’s just heavily processed/stabilized cheddar…but apparently they thought people would be happier if they called it gouda.  It was edible.

cheddar disguised as gouda

All in all, I was quite pleased with the selection, flavor, and quality.  I’d certainly recommend this to hungry Delta flyers.

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  1. These do look pretty tasty. I would say that they are definitely worth the five dollars considering the amount of snacks you get.

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