Delta Flight Delights


I previously blogged about Delta’s Travel Treats snack pack.  And now I’ve had the opportunity to sample the Flight Delights box, too.

Flight Delights

Lots of little snacks

The bagel chips and cheese spread were pretty good.  Toblerone is one of the worlds most popular chocolates for a reason.  The olives were pretty good.  I wasn’t real fond of eating an oily food with my fingers on a plane; kinda messy…but they do include a large napkin in the box.  haha  The cashews were good; quite different, but in a good way.  And the dried fruit wrapped things up nicely.  I think next time I have to choose between the boxes I’ll go with this one again.  The Travel Treats were good, but I think I enjoyed these more…and I at least have the impression that it wasn’t as bad for me.

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