Delta Did Me Right


On a recent trip to NJ, I had a Garmin GPS and a flashlight stolen from my checked bag.  I almost NEVER check a bag, even/especially on long trips to Asia.  But on this particular trip I was going to play tennis with some guys from the office, so I needed to bring some extra stuff and it just seemed easier.  What I should have done was put the GPS and light in my carry-on.  But I was lazy, and dropped it in the checked bag as I got out of my car.  And as fate would have it, some jerk in Newark’s baggage claim stole them.  I know it was there because despite the Priority tag on the bag, mine was one of the last on the belt.

I didn’t notice this till I got the keys to my rental car and tried to pull-out the GPS.   It wasn’t right on top, so I reached for the flashlight (clipped just inside) to help me find the GPS in the dark.  But the flashlight was gone, too.  I took the train back to the terminal and went to the Delta baggage office.  They were closed for the night (it was nearly 1:00 am) but there was a phone number on the door.  I called and was told to download a claim form from the website.

I dutifully filled-out the form when I returned from my trip and had access to my old receipts.  I faxed (what’s that?) it off to Delta fully expecting them to say “You travel how often?  And you put something of value in your luggage?  Sorry, your incompetence is not our problem.”   Instead I got an e-mail saying that they were reviewing my claim and would respond in 6-8 weeks.  Within only about 3 weeks I got a letter in the mail saying that my claim was approved and I’d be getting a check in a couple weeks.  Lo and behold, the check arrived just a couple days later!

I don’t know if they’re this nice to everybody, or if the $20,000+ I’ve spent with you this year affected the outcome.  Regardless…thank you, Delta!

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