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What To See – Atlanta (ATL)


I know in my case, I tend not to spend a huge amount of time just hanging-around airports.  I get there just in time to make my flight, and run-off just as soon as the plane lands.  But there are often times some pretty interesting things to explore at the airport, if you can make some time.  I dropped my wife off at the airport recently, and then took some time to walk around.  Despite ATL being my home airport, there’s a lot I haven’t explored there.

In the South Terminal, between baggage claim and the ticket counters, there are a few cases filled with WWII aviation memorabilia.  Lots of model planes, identification cards, medals, etc.  Good stuff!

WWII Exhibit


This was an interesting pamphlet, designed to help people of all walks of life understand what they could do to help support the war effort.

What Can I Do?


This one seemed a bit odd to me.  If the planes have already made it over US soil and our radar or military warning systems didn’t notice…I don’t see how some kids on a hill top are really going to do much good.

Aircraft Warning Service


While I’ve never flown with a dog, people do it all the time.  I’d never given a moment’s thought to where they’d go potty.  Well ATL put in a small dog park after the recent addition of the rental car train.

dog park


Do you have anything interesting at your home airport?


Sunny San Diego


I had an OUTSTANDING trip to San Diego recently.  My company has had a unique and brilliant plan for this trip for several years, and it worked perfectly again this year.  Renting space on the show floor is expensive, it’s inside, and you have to deal with lots of walk-by traffic (students, competitors, etc.).  Rather than deal with that, we save money by chartering a boat out on the bay.  Our customers come out to the dock, we meet in the boat’s salon, then if time permits, we head out for a cruise around the bay.  We keep the boat well stocked with food and drinks, so customers actually call US to schedule meetings.  Perfect!

We went out on the bay eleven times in four days.  Many were just 30-minute quickies.  But we got in a few good long rides.  We got to see the dolphin training area, sea lions hanging-out on the bait docks, a submarine in dry-dock.  Here are but a few of the photos of the week.