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Layover In Tokyo


I saw Mt. Fuji from the air!  :)  I love sitting by the window, so I can see the world go by.  Generally I see lots of “typical” landscapes, and a lot of clouds.  But every now and then you get to see something spectacular, like this!  Sorry the photo quality is weak.  The skies were very hazy, and this took some pretty heavy processing to get to this point.

Mt. Fuji


Snowy In Seoul


I made it safely to Seoul on Wednesday morning.  We took a red-eye flight out of Hong Kong, arriving just after 05:00.  After gathering bags and getting through customs, we waited about 20 minutes for a bus to take us into Seoul.  There are some buses that stop at only hotels, and some that stop only at subway stations.   We took a bus to the subway station just a couple blocks away from our hotel, the Provista Hotel.  We dragged our bags through the bitter cold and got checked-in, even at such an early hour; very nice of them.  They didn’t even charge us for an extra night!

I got some work done and crashed for a couple hours before heading out for business and dinner.  Time was tight, so we grabbed a sandwich at Subway for lunch.  The menu was identical to the US menu, and the meatballs tasted like I remember them.  It snowed a good bit.  Not a whole lot stuck, and it turned to rain by the evening.  Meetings were good, but cold.  Many office buildings here don’t have central heat.  They have big in-room HVAC units, and their tolerance for cold is higher than mine.  Brrrr.  Dinner was some OUTSTANDING Korean BBQ (it’s actually “grilling” not “BBQ”, but I digress).  We had beef this time.  In the past I’ve always had pork, which was rather fatty.  That made it messy to cook and eat.  The beef was heavily marbled, but grilled down nicely and was just delicious.  I also tried mixing soju (mild distilled liquor) with beer.  While I’ve never liked beer “bombs” before, the soju added some nice sweetness to the dry lager.

I got back to the room around 9:00, had a conference call at 23:00 with folks in Europe and the US, then worked till well after 01:00.  Thursday is a full day with customers.

Off to the races…

Made It To Tokyo


An early alarm had me up at 06:40 for a shower and last minute packing.  The car showed-up early, at 07:40, and waited patiently till I was ready.   Being MLK Day, the roads were nearly empty and we made record time to the airport.  There were no lines at security.  I literally walked right-up to the TSA agent who checked my ID; at 9:00…felt very strange.