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Salsa Picante


I was in Fremont, CA, recently and needed a quick lunch.  I drove past this taqueria that looked like the real deal.  I chose three tacos (two beef and one chicken), with chips & salsa included.  There’s seating for about 16 inside, and probably another 20 outside.   I enjoyed sitting inside, where I could watch them cooking.  The tacos looked a bit small for $1.50, but the quality was excellent.  Well worth the cash.  The chips were obviously fresh, but cut a bit ticker than I prefer.  The red salsa was GREAT, and the green was fine.

Lunch = 3 tacos + chips & salsa + Coke

I was glad to see chicken that was carefully pulled, and the beef was chopped rather than ground.  Somehow I think this translates to higher quality.  The tacos are served with only cilantro and onions.  No lettuce or cheese, like you get at Taco Bell.  :)  I’m a big fan of cheese, but tacos are great this way.  The tacos were made of two soft corn tortillas, which I prefer to the standard flour tortillas.

chicken and beef

I had long heard rumors that Coke in Mexico is still made with real sugar, like Coke used to be in America…before the New Coke debacle and subsequent Coca-Cola Classic.  I’m in the camp that says the DISGUSTING “New Coke” was just a ploy to flush the shelves of the original Coke and start using high fructose corn syrup in a “classic” product.  Regardless, this Coke was great.  It tastes a bit less sweet than the Coke you normally get here.  It was $1.95 for a 12 oz bottle, which seemed steep to me…but it was good nonetheless.  I thought it was interesting that the bottle didn’t have nutrition information (sic) on it, so in order to sell the bottle here they had to stick on this label.

Mexican Coke

If you find yourself hungry in Fremont, I highly recommend Salsa Picante!

Sunny San Diego


I had an OUTSTANDING trip to San Diego recently.  My company has had a unique and brilliant plan for this trip for several years, and it worked perfectly again this year.  Renting space on the show floor is expensive, it’s inside, and you have to deal with lots of walk-by traffic (students, competitors, etc.).  Rather than deal with that, we save money by chartering a boat out on the bay.  Our customers come out to the dock, we meet in the boat’s salon, then if time permits, we head out for a cruise around the bay.  We keep the boat well stocked with food and drinks, so customers actually call US to schedule meetings.  Perfect!

We went out on the bay eleven times in four days.  Many were just 30-minute quickies.  But we got in a few good long rides.  We got to see the dolphin training area, sea lions hanging-out on the bait docks, a submarine in dry-dock.  Here are but a few of the photos of the week.


California Here I Come


I’m headed out for a trade show in San Diego through Thursday.  Should be a good trip.  Lots of customer meetings setup, and we’re meeting…are you ready?…on a boat.  :)  Rather than get a boring booth on the show floor, we’re renting a 42-foot boat.  We’ll have our “formal” meetings in the cabin, then cruise around the San Diego Bay for a while.  The boat has a nice deck out back where we’ll have food and drinks, you can get up on the bridge for a great view, and there’s plenty of room out on the bow.  We’ll get to see the Navy’s Pacific Fleet (hoping a carrier will be in town), sea lions, etc.  This is the trip that makes-up for all the red-eye flights & cheap hotels!


Quick Trip to Cali


I found a great air fare a while back and decided it was time to go visit some folks in The Bay area.  It was a quick trip; out Monday night, back Wednesday afternoon.

The flight out was jam packed full, but was uneventful.  I’m a big fan of Seat Guru to help ensure I’m not in a bad seat.  However, I got bit this time.  SG didn’t show my row number, because Delta had crammed in an extra row between the front row and the boarding door.  So while I thought I was getting the extra leg room of a bulkhead exit row, I actually got an emergency slide/raft that stuck half-way into Delta has satellite TV on their trans-con flights, so I was able to watch the prime-time Olympics.  I landed at 10:00 PST (01:00 body clock), hopped in the rental car, and headed north.

It was late as I crossed the bridge on my way to the hotel, but I had to stop at Vista Point for a shot of the bridge.