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I’ve discovered Italian food mecca, and it’s called Eataly.  On a recent trip to Torino, Italy, I arrived at my hotel tired and hungry.  From my hotel window I saw a place called Eataly and figured they must have food.  :)  So my co-workers and I walked across the street and saw that they had an outdoor eatery, serving pasta, pizza, and beer.  Perfect.

I ordered the lasagna, which was really just okay.  In light of my anticipation, it was sub-par.  It tasted good, but they used fresh pasta (made in house) rather than dried pasta, so it didn’t have the texture it needed.  The funny part, though is the pizza my co-worker ordered.  On the menu it said “peperoni”, which seemed pretty safe/familiar.  What arrived wasn’t peperoni at all.  It was little peppers.  Roasted yellow bell peppers.  LOL  Apparently what we call peperoni they call “spicy sausage”.  Who knew?

Okay…so far not a ringing endorsement.  But wait, there’s more!  Only after lunch did I discover just cool the INSIDE of the store is.  They have an unreal variety of quality ingredients, and small food counters throughout which serve dishes based on that segment of the store (cheese, fish, etc.).  Despite the lasagna, we went back for dinner another night and had the completely opposite experience.  I had the most AMAZING meat loaf, while eating at a counter in the beer/wine cellar.

After returning to the US, I learned that there’s an Eataly open in NYC; here’s a link.  If you’re anywhere in the NY metro area, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.  If it’s anything like the Torino store, you’ll have a great time!

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