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Here We Go!


I’m off to the airport! Today I’m flying from Atlanta to Tokyo, non-stop. Thankfully I was able to get an upgrade on this flight, so I’ll be rather comfortable for the 15 hour flight. I’ll be on a Northwest 747, in their World Business Class. They’re not “lie flat” seats, but on a plane I sleep better in a recliner anyway. No flight this long is “easy”, but I know I’ll get no sympathy from you knowing that I’ll be on the upper deck. :)

I like this route, as I get to see lots of the Canadian mountains, and I’ve even seen Mount Rainer from the air. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we’ll gave good views today, too.

Upcoming Asia Itinerary


Flights and hotels are booked, and I’m finally starting to move past the stress of planning and into the calm before the storm.  Here’s how the itinerary stacks up so far.